WhatsApp Group Chat – How to Identify if a Candidate Joins or Simply uses the Offer?

Most Talent Acquisitionist’s have encountered cases where they’ve had Candidates not joining the Organisation even after having given the Offer Letter. There have been several instances where Recruiters have realised that Applicants have merely used the Offer for better job opportunities. But the challenge still remains on how to combat this scenario.

Luckily, thanks to our members we @SourcingAdda  we’re able to find out solutions that can resolve this challenge by hosting the popular Wednesday WhatsApp discussions. The topic was on, “How to identify if a candidate is definitely going to join the organisation or simply using our offer?” as suggested by our Mumbai group member Anshul. And here’s what we learnt but before that remember to check the key take a way pointers that will be highlighted thereafter. So here goes…

The informative discussion ends here, but don’t go just yet as we’ll be highlighting the key take a ways shortly. And reinforce the aspects discussed about, “How to identify if a Candidate will definitely join the Organisation?” To boost retention of what we’ve learnt so far; so join us and gain more clarity in the aspects understood. Here goes…

Indicators to identify whether a Candidate will join the organisation

  • Inform Applicants about the exit plans in the current organisation as it helps in understanding whether the candidate will join
  • Ask them to share the resignation acceptance e-mail
  • Notice the signs (the red flag) i.e. when the candidate tries to buy time by giving excuses like "boss is out of the country or will return in 2 weeks" etc.
  • Conduct “Mock Calls” and trace Social Media activity
  • Check their Naukri and Monster profiles; if they are constantly viewing their profile then it’s an indication that they are still on the lookout.
  • Post offer released ask them to remove their profiles from the portal since most Candidates receive calls from such portals.
  • If the candidate is serious and satisfied with the offer in hand then they’ll listen and remove their profiles from such portals.
  • If a Candidate applies for a job 2-3 months prior to the actual appraisals which for most companies are in December or March; they are more likely offer - shopping for a counter offer from the current employer.
  • Secondly, pay close attention to the hesitation in their tone when answering a critical question i.e. "reason for change" as it’s a big clue that they are more likely offer shopping.

Some Applied Approaches to Assist Affirmative On-Boarding

  1. Periodic e-mails requesting candidate's documents / form filling
  2. Asking the candidate to share references apart from the ones in his current engagement
  3. Coordinate a hiring manager meet / high-tea evangelise about organisation, tech, culture...
  4. Share small good-reads
  5. Senior level: send a company branded diary / coffee mug to their home address which gives a family feel-good factor and support
  6. Could share few technical problem statements and solutions that the team performed (of course without client / confidential / classified material); get the candidate's view / alternate approaches.
  7. Client testimonials that are public, could be shared
  8. Bi-weekly, have a 15 to 20 minutes call with the hiring managers as it will create a better experience
  • Some candidates who work in top MNCs have the habit of going for an interview to get an offer and ask for a hike in such a scenario a company should ask them to leave or else the Offering Company should ask for the Resignation acceptance e-mail. 

What to do to improve the offer to joining ratio?

  • Keep them engaged by sending e-mails pertaining to the company and highlight where their contribution would lie e.g. a simple line like 'you can contribute to our business in the XYZ space' helps.
  • Recruiters should not only engage them but keep the candidate's interest by sharing company happenings and other information related to the job responsibilities as it’ll keep the candidate active and interested.
  • Respond to calls and e-mails in an appropriate and professional manner
  • Spend more time with the prospect after initial discussion at least over the phone
  • The more you speak to the prospect, the better the rapport
  • Once the trust is built; even if the candidate wasn’t sure to take the offer, you’d have at least had the satisfaction of having a shot at convincing them.
  • Recruiters may be adaptive to gauge the feasibility of adding a personal touch / following standard methods / stick to protocols / some may follow fancy methods of engaging candidates for little treats such as lunch / dinner with a batch of expected joiners / taking them through the company details or briefing them of their KPI's etc…
  • Try to in - still a sense of confidence to the candidates that we are there to help and guide them so most of the time they’ll open up.
  • Beyond the offer you also need to build healthy relationships by sharing your personal experience & views meaning personal and not professional engagement.
  • Best practice that works is close the offer @ lesser amount than budget and keep some margin in hand and conveys to the candidate that you’re trying your level best to get something extra for you.
  • Choose an appropriate time to reveal the amount in order to maintain good personal relations and gain the trust of Candidates.
  • Maintain a good relationship with the candidates and remember that there are few candidates that join because of a good rapport established with the HR
  • “Post Offer Engagement and Curiosity” of the candidate is important to pay attention to

Things to bear in mind when dealing with such Candidates

  • If a potential employee has approached the company with the end goal of obtaining a better offer from another company, such people should be identified up front and the measures to engage them should be taken accordingly.
  • Although everyone today follows these protocols, however you will still have dropouts
  • Try to connect with the prospect on a more personal level as this might have different results since we’re into the Human Resources.
  • It’s important to monitor whether your protocols really work and to understand up to what extent they work.
  • Even though they don’t like the company give a decent hike which is as per industry standards
  • If a selected Candidate is the best option nevertheless keep a backup ready
  • Ensure that you consider the salary package making it a very important factor that shouldn’t be missed as your offer needs to meet their salary expectation if it’s realistic.
  • We can push the candidate to share the resignation in their current organisation immediately after making an offer.
  • If they share the resignation acceptance e-mail the probability of joining will be higher
  • After all its business and it’s all about building relationships besides Recruiters should also rely on their own intuition and stop sharing C.Vs. of Candidate drop outs.  
  • Most Candidates don't always work for money they work for treatment & good work environment hence be sure to treat them well.
  • There is no correct method for the question in discussion because one may be motivated to join the company based on the rapport that you built.
  • On the other hand someone might join your company anyway irrespective of the rapport build which will differ from case to case basis.
  • This is more of a challenge with JN to mid - level candidates whereas SN level candidates are comparatively open and clear.
  • There are a number of activities we can perform however no method can assure you a 100% accuracy.
  • Every method or combination can increase the probability of joining
  • Note that there are candidates who block the company in that case you won’t be able to see their profile in Naukri or Monster but other company consultants can view their profile.

These are some of the key take a ways to bear in mind when dealing with Candidates on the whole. And paying careful attention to the cues you receive upon your interaction are indicators that will help you identify what’s the real reason the Applicant is coming for an Interview.

More importantly learn to accept certain facts to move on and as far as possible be professional about it and avoid sharing candidate C.V. when they don’t join. Remember that if they don’t get back to you it’s because they’re keeping their options open which is perfectly alright.

If you’ve read this far then you’ve found something you like and you realise what you’re missing out on by not being part of these groups. If you’d like to join these groups then be sure to leave your views or requests to join these WhatsApp Groups in the comments section or send us a DM @SourcingAdda with your details (location & WhatsApp. No.) Be sure to follow us to get real time updates to our upcoming activities and events. 

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