WhatsApp Group Chat – Recruiter Rewards & Recognition and its Impact on Recruiters

We’ve heard of Recruiter Rewards & Recognition and have either seen or experienced its impact first hand. Then again not all of us are fortunate enough to have such experiences but are still required to formulate Recruiter Rewards & Recognition plans and to follow through with the plan.

Having, said that @SourcingADDA we were able to shed some light on Recruiter Rewards & Recognition and its impact on Recruiters based on the suggestion of our Bangalore group member Shankar. Thus, our popular Wednesday discussion topic was on, “Recruiter Rewards & Recognition but on 2 parameters namely,

  1. What are the different categories of Recruiter Rewards & Recognition?
  2. How Recruiter Rewards & Recognition impacts the performance of a Recruiter?”

And we’re sure your waiting for the insights but before we get to that remember that we’ll be highlighting the key take a ways from the insightful discussion we had so here’s what we came across...

Another discussion ends with a lot of perspectives and views to think about and you too have added to your knowledge if you’ve read this far.  So let’s not keep you waiting and get right to the point by leaving you with our key take away points to bear in mind.  Whether you’re formulating your own Recruiter Rewards & Recognitions plan or have had a first - hand experience or even watched a friend receive one, you’ll definitely learn something new.

Impact of Rewards & Recognitions on Recruiters

  • Rewards and Recognition are the motivational factors for Recruiters
  • Rewards & Recognitions can be motivational factors but it depends on the setup, whether an agency or a corporate.
  • Irrespective of whether it’s a corporate or an agency set up has a bearing on a Recruiters performance.
  • Rewards & Recognition can be strategically linked to factors like usage of a particular source for recruitment or on the number of positions filled or to even stakeholder management.
  • According to Prateek, money / equivalent monetary benefits are a great motivation
  • As a result of these benefits ultimately people will stay longer with the same company
  • Such benefits decrease attrition while their performance increases as they are motivated to get it the next time.
  • Rewards and Recognition in non - monitory form is really great
  • Money can be earned through various means but recognition is something every employee’s subconscious mind craves for.
  • Daniel Pink proves that more the incentive less the productivity but more R&R will boost morale and thereby productivity will improve.
  • According to Herzberg's motivation- hygiene theory; one has to separate the hygiene factors like pay, incentives etc. from the non - hygiene factors or motivating factors like challenging work, recognition etc. so that the employee gets satisfied.
  • Instead of concentrating more on incentives; recognition should be given more emphasis to boost morale.

Recruiter Rewards & Recognitions (R R & R)

According to Siby the categories for rewards can be as listed below:

  1. Outstanding Performance - It is based on the numbers every month for outstanding performance.
  2. Customer Delight – It is based on critical closing, TAT, and BU appreciation.
  3. Above and Beyond – It is based on people who go beyond the scope of work defined as in; involvement in organisations initiatives, team building, mentoring, etc.
  4. Innovation - It is based on people who go beyond the scope of work defined as in; involvement in organisations initiatives, team building, mentoring, etc.
  5. Weekend Warriors – Recruiters conducting weekend drives can be termed Weekend Warriors and rewards on the combined parameters like effective management on drives, candidate experience, effective feedback capture and reporting post drives, panel management etc.
  6. Channel Crusader - It is based on people who go beyond the scope of work defined as in; involvement in organisations initiatives, team building, mentoring, etc.
  7. Consistent Performer - It is based on the numbers every month for consistent performance.

According to Jones R R & R should be based on the listed out categories given below:

  1. Channel mix used
  2. Position closed (critical & niche)
  3. Raising star
  4. Helping hands
  5. Stake holder connects

According to Prateek R&R decision making criteria should be on

  1. Offers
  2. Joinees
  3. Back out ratio as compared to others in team
  4. Extra contribution / effort taken to improve process of the company 

R R & R should be in the form of the category listed below:

  1. Spot incentives - Over achieving their targets or closing niche skill positions or having early joining if the candidates say in a week’s time; according to Sheetal.
  2. R R & R should be based on 360 degree feedback mechanism in addition to the KPIs success according to Adwait.

According to Jiten R R & R is very important especially on the aspects of source mix

  1. ROI on every candidate hired
  2. cost per hire all are the driving factors for an organisation
  3. Every penny saved by a recruiter should be rewarded in various forms

According to Puja for a work from home company with a team of freelance recruitment consultants recognition is done on team basis on the categories listed out under –

      1. recruitment consultant of the year - basis
      2. most closures Client account manager of the year- basis
      3. Maximum closures and client acquisition manager for the year -  basis and also top 3 in these             categories -

  • Recruiters
  • Client Account Managers 
  • Client Acquisition Managers
4. Beyond the Call of Duty Award - to recognise contribution of selfless work
5. Dedicated to the Client
6. Special Recognition  - for building a new vertical like retail and PR
7. The Dedicated to the Client reward category was very well received and clients were
    requested to give away the awards.
8. The process was conducted online using life-size cloud platform like Skype and the Team was
    super energised.  

In most organizations R R & R are listed out here under but in the form of:

  1. Cash Awards
  2. Trophies
  3. Gift vouchers 

Interesting options for R R & R could be in the form of:

  1. Nominating the Recruiter for some exclusive certifications which charges the organization
  2. Such RR & R would definitely be an extra feather in cap and is obviously a Recruiter’s privilege. 

Parameters for RR & R could be based on the below mentioned rating categories:

  1. No. of Hires
  2. Hiring Time
  3. Conversion Ratio
  4. Innovation
  5. Accountability
  6. Out of the Box Thinking
  7. Sr. Management Connect

Now don’t you find the discussion insightful? Especially, since we’ve received an out pour of responses, not only about the effects of R R & R on their performance even theories that support the views expressed and proof as well from people like Daniel Pink & Herzberg's Motivation - Hygiene Theory. We’ve also received categorisations and the parameters to consider to reward a deserving Recruiter through R R & R. Moreover, we’ve even got some great tips and ideas to carry out our own R R & R programs to formulate based on our organisations requirements.

All of the aspects mentioned above in its self are quite comprehensive and for sure portray the importance of having Recruiter Rewards & Recognitions (R R & R) supported with clear cut explanations to go with them. Therefore, we’re certain that you’ve realised what you’ve been missing out on. Hence, be sure to follow us @SourcingAdda to get real time updates to our upcoming events and activities.

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