When Should Your Business Use a Recruiter?

Thousands of U.S. companies rely on the services of professional recruiting firms to fill employment needs. Some companies choose not to work with recruiters for various reasons – in house HR, specificity, budgeting concerns – but there are plenty more good reasons to bring in a professional recruiting team to help with staffing needs.

Here are a few instances your business should consider using a recruiter to help meet its hiring needs…

You Have Time Constraints
Unless you work in HR for your business your time could probably be spent more wisely than searching for candidates, reviewing credentials, and attending countless interviews. Every minute you spend recruiting for your company is time you’re taking away from some other activity you’re probably more qualified to do: accounting, prospecting, sales, or development. Professional recruiters know exactly how to spend their time efficiently to better help you free up your own calendar.

You Need a Highly-Specialized Candidate
Sure, maybe you know where to find “IT candidates” or “engineers” but do you know how to locate someone with 3+ years of low-voltage cabling experience or who’s used to working on highly-controlled government infosec projects? The best recruiting firms focus on a couple of different niches and are experts in those areas. They know what to look for, who to contact, and whether or not a potential candidate might be “off the job market” but willing to entertain your position.

You’re Overwhelmed With Options
Recruiters typically don’t find the right job for a person, they find the right person for the job. They do the legwork to identify potential matches, pre-screen their qualifications, interview them, and even check references if you like. In this sense you’re not using a recruiter to do your hiring for you, you’re using them to do your recruiting which is exactly what they’re best at. You should always make the final hiring decision but recruiters can help you narrow down the field so you have five super-qualified candidates to choose from instead of 500 so-so applications.

Your Have a Temp, Part-Time, or Contract Job
Certain industries use a lot of temporary and contract workers. In fact, many highly-trained members of the workforce prefer to work on jobs like these because it allows them flexibility and diversity. It can be hard to ‘sell’ a job if you’re not looking to hire full time but when you work with a recruiting firm that specializes in unconventional placement many of the logistics fall into place. Look for a recruiter who bridges your employees’ hours, provides benefits, and can get you skilled candidates fast. If you’ve got an unconventional job or project, recruiters can help make the hiring process a whole lot simpler.

You Want to Save Your Business Money
Statistics show that a bad hire can easily cost your company $40,000 or more. Dealing with recruiting internally not only has plenty of direct costs associated with it (taking out ads, running social media campaigns, etc.) there are plenty of indirect costs, too. Consider the opportunity cost of having an admin tied up fielding phone interviews for dozens of hours and also the extra time it took to find and on-board the new employee(s). Allowing your business’ employees to allocate their time to what you actually hired them to do saves your business money in the long run.

Working with an outside recruiter particularly if your business is growing can save you money, hassle, and headache. It’s their job to take care of the difficult parts of the recruiting process and present you with viable, skilled candidates for the job at hand. You’re not losing control when you outsource your company’s staffing needs, you’re just losing a business liability. 

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Comment by Keith Halperin on August 4, 2014 at 1:02pm



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