I seem to keep hiring these “rock stars” who have great potential, but so far don’t see it for themselves!?! They all seem to want more pay with the slightest bit of success, which to me is their actual job. I’m all for praise & rewarding my staff for a job WELL done, yet, they always seem to want a pat on the back for the slightest bit of task completion. I could set an atomic clock by quiting time, however, starting time tends to be flexible & always 20 min. after arriving. I swear I contemplate working 18 hr. days, just because I’d rather just do it myself then to have to ride my employees about “there is always something to do!”

I know your thinking you are hiring the wrong people or expectations & duties aren’t clearly laid out. I wish that was the case, then I’d be able to correct my error. I don’t think we’ve hired anyone under early 30s who seems to have any work ethic. I hate to be so critical & almost judgemental on a generation; but, I have to wonder, am I alone in thinking that we’ve over indulged our kids? Have we given them everything they want, that when they head into the work place they are actually thinking,”how will the boss please me today,” instead of vise versa?

Tell me, where has exceeding expectation, giving 110%, or going above the call of duty gone? Maybe, the only good thing to come from this recession will be that, working is a privilege, be thankful if you have a job & do everything you can to keep it!

“Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace labor.” ~Ulysses S. Grant

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