Things get smaller, faster, and more expensive in some cases. I was watching Predator 2 and was surprised by how they had to use pay phones or be by a phone to communicate. How did life work when there were only VCRs and simple TV remotes? When our children have children, will there be something so beyond our comprehension? Time will tell.

What is more important to our society, ease of use or power of functionality? I believe it lies in the middle. People interact more freely and know each other in a more intimate way. The Digital Footprint is ever growing. Try googling yourself and see what is out there. I found emails from 10 years ago with a Linux user group on line. The real question is how do we utilize new technology yet keep a level of individualism?

There have been many articles written about this and there are bound to be many many more. Think about how you use your computer or your phone today. Think about how you can use it more tomorrow. The reality is that no one will be able to tell you exactly what will happen. We all know that. This is what I would like to see. You can call it my vision, but that sounds arrogant. Lets call it my sketch.

Social media has become the backbone of most people's daily life. Twitter is almost addictive for some. Foursquare tells your friends where you are and how exciting your life is. Sites like LinkedIn and Xing focus on a connection in business. All of this is like a chart or a graph with a hundred lines crossing. What if your cell phone becomes the only thing you need? Apps to interface with systems to hold information. Is it possible? I believe we are close to that now. 4G and expansive memory make next generation "cell phones" more of a personal device. 

I see cell phones becoming as powerful as the newest current PC. Memory becomes smaller and more powerful. Processors continue to move faster and with less energy usage. One of the things that is most interesting is the progress of using living organisms for  memory and in computing. Amazing stuff! 

There is one fear though. People will become more "in" their device and less involved face to face. Text will become more and more used. We will forget others voices. There will be a risk of loss of individual communication. Don't let that happen. Make sure you keep the "old" ways as the new ways gain your attention.

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Comment by Christopher Lyon on December 6, 2011 at 9:46am

In other words be open to new ideas and change but also keep practicing the fundamentals that made you success in the first place. :)


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