Whether To Go With High-Paying Job Or Follow Your Passion

What is passion? No, there is no need to search for a definition. I guess you know the meaning and importance of passion in your life. The word itself is efficacious enough to make you feel how precious your happiness in life is.

It's your fallacy that having a well-paid job is a key to happiness. Aphra Behn has wonderfully shown the picture of the society by saying “Money Speaks Sense In A Language All Nations Understand.” Here she has tried to tell that money is the only thing before which every person is impotent. That's true and a fact of life. Aphra Behn was a British playwright, a poet, a translator and a fiction writer from restoration era. As one of the first English women to earn her living by writing, she broke the cultural barriers and served as a role model for the later generations of female authors.

Two things that you are muddled about are job and career. They both are similar, but there is a modest difference between them. Many of you are not aware of and choose unknowingly the wrong way. Definitely, both are the means to earn money. However, a well-paid job provides a short-term assurance of income and stability. And in case of career, built by following your passion, provides a long-term assurance of income and stability. An insight about it can help you in self-questioning. So you can take a right step towards your goal. A job can give you employment and a means to meet ends. Whereas, in career, your personal interests and comfort are considered alongside the fact that it is also a source of income.

I know to earn money and to have luxurious life is important but happiness and self-satisfaction is equally important, I guess you guys agree to that. To achieve something, hard work and patience are the two key words that you must follow in your life. I believe getting an employment isn't just about a job title or growing income. It's about finding your authentic self, the one you have buried beneath other people's needs.

Having a well-paid job is a prestigious thing for most of the people. For the sake of your families, you get busy in running behind money. You forget about your interests and priorities. You are least bothered about your job designation. Rather, you are in a hurry to increase your bank balance.

Choosing a job to earn one's keep or to follow your passion is your personal choice. But to earn both living and self-satisfaction is your dream right? So, it is your responsibility to think carefully about your skills and which job is suitable for you. In a journey of life, there is no path without obstacles. With the improvement in technology, every year the economic and social environment change and the job opportunities and competitions also get tougher. So to withstand these difficulties you must be optimistic and look for the answers not for the obstacles. Sometimes, there will be situations when you feel like giving up on your dream. At that point of time, you have to remain firm and endeavor to sharpen your skills in order to succeed.

I hope after reading this you will realize what is important in your life, whether it is a job or career.

Author Bio:

Sandy Dsouza is a freelance author and blogger who have more than 5 years of experience in the field of writing. She is always eager to share her knowledge on various topics like resume, career development and career change.
Her significant contributions to BSR: Resume Examples has aided many aspiring job candidates and students to develop their careers.

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on October 13, 2017 at 3:49pm

Thanks, Sandy. It must be nice to be in a position where you have that option.


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