Recruiting is a Sales process. It is very dynamic. Recruiting today is driven by your competition, by technology (Facebook, Twitter, Internet Postings), and more importantly by the economy. Every 8 to 10 years our economy goes into an economic correction called a recession. You can plan for a recession if you watch the signs.

There is an interesting impact in this particular recession. Since 2003 different groups have been discussing the potential impact of the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation. There have been government studies on the retirement preparation by the members of the Baby Boomers and many news articles like this one that discuss the impact of these mass retirements on businesses.

The good news for business is that they got a pass in 2008 and 2009 because the crash of the financial markets also crashed many 401(k) and pension funds to the point where people could not afford to retire on what was left. What do you think will happen when these funds recover? After experiencing the stress of working through this recession do you feel the Baby Boomers will remain in the workforce for a long period – or will they retire?

This is my generation. I talk with these people regularly both professionally and personally. You know recruiters are people magnets (or should be!). Trust me. Unless there is a compelling reason for them to remain in the workforce, i.e. they love what they do or need to pay off their children’s college loans; they will retire when they can enjoy retirement. We have seen our fathers pass away right after retirement without enjoying the fruits of their work.

As a business, how much time do you have to develop a recruitment strategy? My feeling is that you have until January 2010. Unless all of the government spending brings too much weight on business through additional taxes, my feeling is that we should be scratching and clawing our way out of the recession in 2010 – this recession just as every recession since World War II will run its course.

This series of blogs is a service to you to give you a blueprint to base your recruitment strategy. Every blueprint may be changed, and most probably are. However, you will have the tools to develop a recruitment strategy that best matches your company and culture. Developing a recruitment strategy takes time and diligence. The positive, measurable results are worth it.

Each blog will focus on a specific segment of the recruitment strategy. This will be fun for me to develop; and hopefully will be useful for you. RecruiterGuy will help you through this process!

Since I am currently consulting with a client, my blogs will be written on weekends. Look every Monday for the next installment.

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