Why do flat roofs leak? And what does that have to do with getting a job?

Here’s the thing, there have been flat roofs for centuries in mainland Europe and the Mediterranean countries and they work, I mean they don’t leak. Try putting a flat roof in the UK or in the USA they leak. Now I am not saying that they all do but I bet someone has worked out some statistic that would bear out what I am saying and if there isn’t so what!

The points I make are still valid! It’s not what we normally do for a roof. They are normally all peaky and angled.

The question is when we go into something new what happens to us? I see too many scared blank faces of job seekers preparing for interviews!

Our normal lucid and composed self evaporates and they get the sweats and the jitterbugs in the tummy.

Why is that, because it’s different! It’s not what we do normally. Different lens, it’s well different! We think to ourselves.

  1. Do we have the right talent or the skills to sell ourselves?
  2. Do we really know what we are doing; after all we are not often in this situation (although it’s getting more frequent)!
  3. Even if we know what we are doing perhaps the experience is missing.
  4. Perhaps we don’t know the “tricks of the trade”. The things that perpetual job hoppers know.
  5. We got used to building peaked roofs, oops I mean we got used to doing what we have been accustomed to doing. Habit!
  6. It’s not something we want to last long, (job search) so we want to get it over and done with as fast as possible. So we want to rush it and as a result it takes longer, we do a worse than adequate job.

So what’s the point of this? It isn’t making job seekers reading this any more comfortable and you don’t find it helpful! Well there is plenty you can do.

Probably if you are reading this then you kind of know the basics, but here is a summary.

  1. Use Linkedin and its search engine. Its free and you can search for people to help you with recruitment and helping with resumes
  2. Use Twitter and ask! Do you know of…?
  3. Get yourself a simple. “Who I am and this is what I can do” statement.
  4. Follow twitter for a while and you will get to know some of the folks who use it and it really is a small community.
  5. Oh yes most important pick up a phone and get to know people but please don’t ask them for a job r ask them to do you a favor until you get to know each other.
  6. Grab some recruiters and talk to them, get the inside skinny from them.
  7. Think like a recruiter; figure it out with their help. There are great ones around.
  8. Network network network!!!

People are funny we are for the main part a very social breed, but the art of simple conversation does not come easy.

Good luck and leave comments. By the way, building a flat roof is not practicable as stuff like rain and snow etc cannot slide off easily!

But then again it works and all you need to do is have the energy and the courage to get help from that know. It was always so!

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