There are things that seriously I do not understand….let me re-phrase, I understand why they are done. What amazes me is that people believe the people the spit the garbage out to us like we a herd of cattle waiting to be fed. Unemployment – what is the situation? It is a total crap shoot. Sectors are rising and falling more than any historical average, we have no known correlation anymore between the economy and jobs due to technical productivity gains, globalization, and of course the debt we keep borrowiing to artifically make this place look like it is doing “okay”. None of the old rules play anymore. Supply and demand has evaporated with the takeover of speculation. And the whole time people are hearing from the regime that unemployment is doing alright.


How about some factual figures for all of you that enjoy the truth? We are currently in the fastest job loss cycle than ever in the history of the country. People talk about who did what, who inherited this, etc. Time for finger pointing and half measures is over. Since the start of the Obama administration – we have experienced the fastest cycle of job loss (even with the recovery act that was to create jobs) than any other president in history. How does that happen – easy. Keep taking from the people that work and give it to the people that do not. How do you lose 559,000 jobs in one month – that is unheard of!! And people still look around thinking it is getting better. We are suppossedly out of the recession. Garbage. Recession is a state of mind, not an actual state. Recession is the loss of jobs, companies not spending money, and GDP downturn. Take away our false foundation of borrowed money and increased debt ceilings, we would be in a DEPRESSION.


This all ties into the current job environment that is speculating over the debt ceiling and government bailout monies. Where does that stand? Well we look like idiots if we increase it and we look like idiots if we do not. Nice job – not many options there. Unemployment sits atop many of the voters minds, and look at what Congress and the president are doing now to fix the issue. Put a plan in place that bandades the situation so we can make it through the 2012 fiscal years. Or better put – the election! So can we believe anything that is pushed our way since the focus is to drive our economy into the bottom feeder but present a situation that says everything is under control.


Take a look at the latest article from Forbes – really puts it out there for those that want to see what is going on.

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Comment by Eric Sperry on July 28, 2011 at 12:58pm
This really needs some serious editing and spell check.  And to be quite honest, this reads like an angry political rant rather than a useful recruiting post. 
Comment by Jason Monastra on July 28, 2011 at 1:11pm
Sorry you feel that way.  I am certain you as others get tired of the back and forth of what the true employment situation is.  The unemployment factor or "perception of unemployment" affects our ability to attract the talent we need to deliver on projects and put the right people in place.  I just read another article on this forum about unemployment which is why I posted this.  It seems that the information is all subject to interpretation rather addressing the need our country has for generating positions.  These articles written in Forbes (mine), CNN Money (the other one posted earlier by someone else) maintain a stamp in the minds of the people we deal with daily.  Yes, I would agree that is not a straight recruiting post, however it is an ancillary issue that has impact on recruiting.


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