Why Haven’t QR Codes Caught on in Recruiting?

I love my smart phone. Obsessed with it. It does things that I never would have thought were possible. I was blown away by playing Snake on my old Nokia in high school. Now you’re saying my phone can scan QR barcodes from billboards, computer screens, etc., and it will take me to a website, dial a phone number, or even send an email? Quite the progression from the Gordon Gekko cell phone days.

I recently read a great blog entry on MicroExplosion Media’s website by Bill Seaver (read that post here) about QR Codes. Bill first describes what QR Codes are, and second describes how and why to use them. Bill’s post got me thinking, “Why aren’t these being used in recruiting more?”

A couple different ideas popped into my head. Wouldn’t it be great if you could scan a QR code on a candidate’s resume which would send you to their LinkedIn page? That way you could connect directly with them.

Or what if the QR code gave me their phone number or email address? I could follow up with them directly on my phone from anywhere.

Additionally what if, as recruiters, we added the QR codes to print flyers, business cards, give-aways, etc., and it directed candidates to our company's job postings? Or it could send candidates to a section on a webpage that marketed why to work for our company.

Infinite marketing ideas could be created and executed with the QR Code. Could it eventually replace the business card? BlackBerry is already trying that with their BlackBerry Messenger.

The QR Code could possibly lend itself to more and more creative ways to get candidates interested in your company. It’s extremely cost efficient, easy to generate, and simple to add to existing print and media. But more importantly, I think it will help evolve mobile recruiting.

I’m somewhat optimistic this is a trend that will continue to grow in popularity because of its potential. My hope is that it just doesn’t become obnoxious like Bluetooth headsets, over-hyped like the ESPN Phone, or as useless as AOL.

About the Author: Jeremy is the Technical Recruiter for Cardinal Solutions Group in the Raleigh/Durham area. Cardinal Solutions is an IT Solution Provider that delivers custom solutions, strategic guidance, and training

to Fortune 1000 companies in a diverse range of industries.

Jeremy is also avid sports fan (Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Reds, and Ohio State Football), professional condiment-ranker, cake connoisseur, Photohunt Champion, & your friend.

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