Why HR professionals need knowledge base for better team coordination

Human resources can be considered as the creator of an organization, if a company is the world. HR is responsible to recruit and train employees, so that they are seasoned and ready for expected work environment.

But very few think of the coordination required by HR professionals in order to make better decisions and hire top layer candidates. HR teams are not familiar with every position that opens in an organization but in a nutshell, they need to have an estimate on the position they are hiring for, which is why they require an access to all the company’s knowledge.

Well established companies offer their HR team with ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which is efficient in completing the recruitment process but is it all there is to human resources?

Apart from recruitment and tracking applicants, an HR team is required to know company policies, organizational structure and other parameters, in order to induct an employee.

So, what can improve the coordination and the quality of human resources in an organization?

A Knowledge Base!

Here are few reasons why your HR team needs a knowledge base for better operation:

A much needed access to company knowledge

Human resources is the face of an organization for the aspiring candidates. So, it becomes important for the HR team to be fully aware about the organization. It is similar to the situation where your customer support is the face of your organization for your customers.

Now, human resources get several enquiries from candidates about pay, policies and even technical jargon related to the position. In such case, human resources should have all the knowledge.

But, HRs are busy, right?

So, if they utilize the knowledge base to keep the information, and offer to the people asking, it simplifies the operation. It also uniforms the knowledge scale as every team member would know the same information, which can avoid discrepancies.

Sometimes, an HR may get a call from candidates when they are not at work. Then, they can simply access the information from their knowledge base on their mobile device and provide it to the candidate.

  • Easily access company information and policies.
  • Offer information to candidates from anywhere on any device.
  • Save important documentation on the cloud.

Create easy training and induction manuals

Another big task for HR professionals is to induct new employees to the company. It requires a lot of team effort and preparation, especially if it’s a mass hiring. In such situation, the focus shifts on the organization of the event rather than the material which would onboard the employees.

With a knowledge base, authoring training and induction manuals is a breeze. Your team can easily author the manuals, add videos, ppts and more to make it more engaging for your employees.

And the best part?

It is saved on your online repository, so it can be used again when you conduct your next onboarding.

  • Easily create induction and training manuals.
  • Add media and PPT’s to create a professional presentation.
  • Use tooltips and popups to highlight the important information.

Cloud sharing of documentation  

Lack of coordination generally arises when the team is not on the same page. This happens when the information is scattered in different channels from emails, ATS and other tools used by human resources.

Now imagine in an urgent situation, collecting these bits of information to meet deadlines is quite impossible. But if you have a central repository which is on cloud it becomes easy to store all the information at one central location.

This way, team members don’t need maintain communication for each and every step of the operations. One can simply update the information at the central location and others can access it from there. And as it is cloud, you have the assurance of backup and anytime access.

  • Store important documentation on cloud.
  • Set roles and permissions to keep sensitive data secure.
  • Create FAQs for new employees and save time.

Bonus Notes

  1. Knowledge base is heavily used as a customer support tool, so you don’t invest on a new tool.
  2. Using knowledge base would increase the communication of HR team with other authoring teams, which can be a great learning experience for the human resources.
  3. You can always have a backup of human resources data as knowledge bases are backed up daily. 

Final Thoughts

Human resources is a department which is in constant contact with candidates and the teams who are hiring them. They are responsible to recruit the best resource in the market, which requires them to know exactly what is “best” as per their company standards.

These knowledge base implementations can really boost their working process. It not only offers medium to ease off work pressure but at the same time it offers security of data and more learning. When each member is on the same page, in terms of company information and knowledge, the team coordination improves itself. 

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Comment by Claudia Sender on March 23, 2017 at 8:06am

Hey Robin,

Great Article!

Well established companies offer their HR team to use Applicant Tracking System, which helps the recruitment process faster and easier.

I m using iSmartRecruit Staffing Software that is a complete robust and array of advanced features.



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