I hear that a lot from some of the clients I work with and I try and I try and tell them that they are asking the wrong questions. Here is my view on this topic:

-No person will ever be more then they think about themselves

-You are what you think and not what you do (Every time)

-We may not believe it, but we are exactly where we should be (Because that was the programmed state we are in until we change it)

-A client was passed over for promotion and was very bitter about, and asked "Why not me, why didn't I get the promotion? I am just as good as she was, if not better...) So we when through the process of seeing what really went on behind the scenes and came up with the following items:

1. He is late for work several times a month
2. Often talks about clients behind their backs to fellow employees
3. Overly aggressive in getting his point of view across
4. Regularly has an issue or complaint about something without offering an solutions to the problem
5. Interpersonal skills are lacking in many ways.

We came up with a list of about 12 items, and the funny thing was he never thought of them as a problem and no big deal.

We went to work right away on the things I recommended we start with (I put him on a 7 step program, I call the 7th degree principles)

1. Mind set - this is the very first thing I wanted to start him out with, because for me help in the most effective way possible, we needed to start with the way he thinks about things (This was a long process, but I'd like to share then with the group)... I am on my way out the door, but will return in a few days... Have a super day (Now is the most important time you really have)

James (Website coming soon, and will be PACKED full of articles, tips, processes and links for you to use in life and business FREE!) This is my way of giving something back.

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