Why Should We Hire You, and The 30 Second Pitch!

As a recruiter, we all hear the "not very-well thought out" responses to "why should we hire you" and so forth.
My first piece of praise, would be, you have already baited the hook by applying for the position, the fish took the bait when you got the interview. Now, take and reel that fish in carefully so as to not let the fish get free from the hook.

Take the interview in stride. Be yourself. If you could advertise yourself in 30 seconds or less, what would be your selling point? Would it be your skill set? Your drive? Your ambition? Based on the type and caliber of the position, I would find leverage and shoot from there.

Put it this way...If you were in an elevator with me, you knew I could hire you, what would you tell me that would keep my attention? Although I can't tell you what to say specifically, I can tell you this-Keep it geared towards your professional attributes. Try to omit the personals as much as possible unless a specific question is asked.

Employers want to know as much about your expertise, and your niche as much as possible. They want to know what you are going to bring to the table professionally, not so much personally. Personal reflections in the midst of an interview, in my opinion, is very thin water to be treading on. Ever heard the phrase "TMI?"

By the way, you can still remain professional and original, without divulging too much personal preference. Keep it sophisticated and interesting enough, that the interviewer will want to know more! Does that make sense?

By doing that, the individuality and uniqueness will come to light naturally!

Personally, I do get tired of hearing the same responses all the time. There is no independence when job-hunting anymore. But, in my professional opinion, it's not what you say, but how you present it.

Market yourself the same way you would market your best product. Make me want to be interested!

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