Why to Interview the Company More Than They Interview You

You’ve been working hard to put your resume in the best noticeable format, you’ve contacted everyone in your network, and you’ve posted to every job board you can think of.  Within a few days, the calls start coming in and you have first interviews scheduled for all of next week.  You have prepared studying interview questions, and looking into the company to have some idea who you might be working with in your future.  You get to the interview, sit down, your hands begin to sweat and everything you studied the night before is out the window with the first question…”Why do you think you’re qualified for this position?”

Breath, and start thinking about the company, think as if you’re already working there as the CEO.  This will immediately take the focus away from you and put it back onto the company, trust me your blood pressure will drop.  You were asked to interview, this is an important step, and if you keep the focus on the company, it will continue to prove that the hiring manager chose the right resume to interview.  Sure they care if you can do the job but if you are inquisitive about the company, its policy and what the job can do for you, your confidence will sky rocket with little effort because you’re taking the spotlight off of yourself.  If you start to visualize yourself in the role, naturally you can talk about the value you’ll bring and at the end of the day, that’s what the company cares about. 

Another important reason to interview the company, this new job will consume majority of your time, consider it an investment.  You wouldn’t invest money in something that had no return would you?  I didn’t think so!  Why treat this investment any different?  Ask questions about your work environment, expectations, benefits, vacation, job location, management, mission statements, the list goes on.  A clear understanding of the company is your responsibility as an investor, during the interview these questions should be asked because you should expect value too, at the end of the day, that’s what you should care about. 

I believe in the philosophy of finding a career, something that you’re good at and have passion for.  If you don’t ask questions and just run after the first offer I believe you are only looking for a job and in the long run that doesn’t bring value to anyone.

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