William Almonte - Is the Modern Recruitment System Making any Difference for The Job Seekers?

Recruiting is one of the most challenging tasks in an organization. Over the period of years, with the advent and proliferation of the computers, the World Wide Web, and the social media the process of hiring employees have undergone a sea-change just like any other aspects in life. Both the job seekers and employers have a wide range of opportunities to pick and choose from their probable requirements. The traditional methods of seeking jobs are being used less by the job seekers. Likewise, the employers have developed a modern set up of recruiting that involves software, portals and the social media.

William Almonte

A quick overview of the traditional recruiting methods

  • Newspapers One of the oldest forms of communication, newspapers are used by job seekers for looking up vacancies.
  • Employment agencies Employment agencies maintain a list of recruiters and candidates looking for employment. Job seekers go to the agencies and apply or interview for jobs through them.
  • Internal hiring Employers promote the already existing employees present in the organization.

Modern methods of recruiting and how does it work?

According to William Almonte, CEO of Titan Staffing Systems,  the knowledge-based recruiting method is an advantageous and ongoing dynamic method that is beneficial for both the employers and job seekers. Modern methods of recruiting are mainly of two types- knowledge-based and online or E-recruiting.

  • Knowledge-based- Here recruiters maintain a database of the potential employers. A person may not be available to take a job. They can be tracked later. The database is updated continuously and monitored.
  • E-recruiting- The use of the internet and modern technology is used by both the parties seeking employees and employers. The job seekers upload their resume on the internet. Recruiters again use the internet to access these and later get in touch with the potential candidates.

Are the modern methods of recruiting advantageous to the job seekers?

The answer to this question is most definitely a big yes! Now organizations have their own website and social media accounts. The job seekers can get in touch with the employers directly. This eliminates the inclusion of third parties like temp employment agencies. According to William Almonte, President of Titan Staffing System, the modern methods are thus cheaper and save a lot of time.

Also, the internet has made it easier for the job seekers to deem the credibility and profile of an organization. Many websites have to review and marking systems. Many organizations have a dubious reputation. Job seekers can verify the credentials and advantages of employment.

Advantages of the modern recruiting system

  • It is cheap and less time-consuming.
  • A healthy relationship is developed between the recruiters and job seekers.
  • Easier communication through social media, emails and SMSs
  • Candidates can give their feedback on various websites and portals. This again helps the other job seekers.
  • The use of smartphones has made it easier to apply and interview for job positions.

To sum it up, the modern recruiting system has a lot of plus for the job seekers. The youth of today depend upon social media and the internet more than the traditional methods, when seeking employment.So, Job seekers worry not options are on your way! Float your resumes on the internet and sit tight in your recliners with smartphones in hand!

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