Working with a Warning: Most High Risk Jobs of 2016

In certain industries, working can be hazardous to your very health. Some jobs require workers to perform risky tasks in exceedingly dangerous conditions. Many of these jobs, however, are known to pay excellent wages and provide other great perks. These six jobs are considered to be among the most dangerous.

Miners are faced with a variety of challenges each day at work. If the entrance of a mineshaft happens to cave in, miners can be trapped underground indefinitely. Plus, there are additional health hazards that come along with breathing toxic air and developing a serious condition known as black lung. While mining technology advances all the time, there will always be a need for miners to risk safety as they journey deep into the earth.

Hazardous Waste Remover
Removing hazardous waste materials that are known to contain all sorts of toxins and poisons can jeopardize the health of workers in many ways. Workers need to know how to remove radioactive, biomedical, and other types of waste in the safest ways possible. Going through a National Environmental Trainers HAZWOPER training can better prepare a person to work in the hazardous waste removal industry.

Police Officer
The police are often required to risk their safety when engaging with high-speed chases and erratic behavior from potentially dangerous criminals. Shootings, stabbings, and vehicular fatalities are among the most common causes of death. Officers may also face serious injuries caused by dogs, cats, and other unruly animals that live in suspects’ homes.

Commercial Fisherman
Braving dangerous tides and inclement weather conditions are just a couple factors that make this job particularly dangerous. Fishermen may even have to deal with mechanical issues on their boats that can result in great bodily harm. If a fisherman falls overboard, there is also the risk of drowning.

Roofers are constantly in danger of falling to the ground. These professionals can also become injured by stepping on sharp nails, or accidentally puncturing their skin with their equipment. Weather conditions that suddenly take a turn for the worse can create even more dangerous conditions for roofers.

Cell Tower Climber
This small career field is often considered to be the most dangerous job in America. Workers are required to climb towers that provide mobile phone service and perform any necessary repairs or component updates. Even with the proper equipment, many workers have been known to fall to their deaths or suffer other serious injuries while atop these towers.

Some of the most rewarding careers that benefit all of mankind are also known to be highly dangerous. Taking the proper precautions and undergoing the necessary training often helps minimize the risks of hazards on the job.

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