This subject is becoming an ever increasing subject across the blogs.  Honestly, I never knew this was such an issue till I wrote about it a few weeks ago.  My previous post spoke about the increase overall in bullying across the workplace.  However, in the midst of reading some additional articles, I found yet another blog written at HR Capitalist, speaking to the point again, this time to different types of bullies at the workplace.


Take a quick look at part of the post from HR Capitalist:


-The deadline bully (creates false deadlines and then pressures you to die on the hill attempting to accomplish them)

-The resource bully (sucks up all the resources for her own purposes, leaving you with not enough manpower to get things done)

-The attention bully (craves attention for himself and perhaps his team, to the point where there's limited recognition oxygen for the rest of the organization)

-The budget bully (also known as the sandbagger, budgeting so he'll hit his number by September, leaving you to deliver on real numbers and all the pressure that comes with it)


These are interesting concepts of bullying...and I never thought about it along these lines.  However, the type of bullying is not as aggressive as what we discussed in our last post, but these are areas that I never considered.  The concept of the professionals being false is very true, these people are driving you or others to do a role that cannot be accomplished without the proper resources or timeline.  Most people would not consider this bullying, they would call it an over aggressive manager or someone being unfair.  But in retrospect, it really is bullying and most importantly it is an issue that can cause even more issues than typical bullying.  Resources being misallocated, false deadlines imposed, over-worked staff, etc all will cause efficiency and effectiveness issues throughout the company.


So no matter your definition of bullying, the real issue is how a manager makes people feel about them.  And in that situation, it is the responsibility of the manager to work fairly with all employees to ensure a professional work environment where no one feels intimidated.

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