Would you be more likely to hire someone with these soft skills?

Hi - we have been running trials of a new product which produces a soft skills report. The idea is that with the CV and the soft skills report in hand the employer is more likely to say yes.

So - would YOU be more likely to say yes if you saw these validated soft skills attached to a CV? (these are mine by the way so be nice!)

Soft Skills of Mr Hilditch, Validated by Improved Employees
This overview outlines the natural soft-skills of Mr Hilditch and has an accuracy of more than 80%. It does not take into account soft-skills they may have gained through training.

Direct, assertive, individualistic, mobile, eager, quick, social, persuasive, driving, enthusiastic, optimistic, clever, strong-willed.
Key-traits: Creative, enthusiastic, independent, self-confident

Key Strengths

  • Mr Hilditch has the ability to tackle tough problems, and deal with many issues.
  • He is forward looking, assertive and competitive.
  • He has the ability to work in an environment that has variety and change.
  • He seeks to initiate activity and set a pace to achieve the desired results.

Secondary strengths: Mr Hilditch is optimistic with a positive sense of humour, he uses a democratic approach to decision making

Value To The Company

  • Relishes and generally rises to a challenge.
  • Enjoys questioning the status quo.
  • Has a sense of pioneering and will not balk at venturing into the unknown.
  • Can be very forceful at driving through cost-cutting measures.

Secondary strengths: encourages and enthuses others to act, radiates optimism and a cando attitude

Career Strengths

  • Prepared to venture into uncharted waters.
  • Looks for and takes authority.
  • Strong on controlling costs.
  • Good problem-solver.

Secondary strengths: contacting a wide variety of people, radiating optimism

Decision Making

  • Decides on whole package, never piecemeal.
  • Looks at the bottom line.
  • Can be unconventional in decision making.
  • Has the ability to take an independent stance.

Secondary strengths: prefers to take people with him, prepared to change his mind

Leadership & Motivation

  • Direct no-nonsense approach.
  • Proactive.
  • Confident leader.
  • A resourceful leader.

Secondary strengths: encourages others to participate, loves to be involved


  • Direct and to the point.
  • Can be good at transmitting ideas, opinions, and instructions.
  • Communicates with confidence.
  • Determined to get the message across.

Secondary strengths: infectious, enthusiastic style of communicating, energetic, mobile, inspirational

Goal Setting

  • Sets tough goals for themselves and others.
  • Adopts a workaholic approach to goals.
  • Bold and adventurous with goals.
  • Can set unconventional goals if needed.

Secondary strengths: team effort important to achievement, imparts urgency over the
achievement of goals


  • Will try the adventurous and unusual.
  • Always seeks improvements.
  • Can suggest unconventional ideas.
  • Has the nerve to try for bold solutions.

Secondary strengths: team effort important to achievement, is never short of ideas

If you want to see what your own report would look like you can take the test for free here:

Soft Skills Test

I appreciate all comments on what you think - would it make a difference to your clients?

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Comment by Marie-Clara Thaureux on January 30, 2013 at 8:08am

Hi David, great concept, honestly I think it is too long and many of your traits and characteristics are repeated as they can be applied to all areas. Making it more concise would encourage me to take more notice. Can this be applied as a useful tool for job seekers. Honestly I don't know, some of my clients would, I imagine be interested in receiving this, others maybe not so much, I would also be cautious that it could provide information that would be a factor NOT to employ someone.

Comment by David Hilditch on January 30, 2013 at 9:11am

Hi Marie-Clara, thanks for your feedback - very valuable. It's very easy when we're so close to this to not see it as a newcomer would see it. I'll have a think about making it more concise. Regarding information that would be a factor NOT to employ someone - is there anything in the example above that would make you feel this way? We've been careful to ensure only positives come out but maybe not careful enough.

Comment by Marie-Clara Thaureux on January 30, 2013 at 9:23am

I always say that a candidate has no weaknesses only 'area's for development' if we can identify our own we are doing well, most people tend to forget that for a particular position, or company a strength could be a weakness. If I had a very strong Manager and was looking for an AM I probably wouldn't be looking for another strong-willed candidate as this could present a personality clash. After meeting the candidate I might decide that he has the ability to work well with other strong-willed people because of his approach. But if I went off the soft-skills I probably wouldn't select him for interview. - Does this make sense?  

Comment by Marie-Clara Thaureux on January 30, 2013 at 9:24am

Good profile though - I would be curious about myself.

Comment by David Hilditch on February 14, 2013 at 9:57am

Marie-Clara - if you're interested, it takes a minute to get our free trial and you'll be able to profile yourself and your colleagues and see what you think.

Use this link: www.improvedemployees.com/softskills

Comment by Marie-Clara Thaureux on February 22, 2013 at 9:25am

David, I will definitely do this - I am very interested to see how I come out! Thanks 


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