What makes one recruiter better than another? Are some recruiters better at finding talent? Is it only about finding the right talent? Does the number of candidates found make you best?

The list can go on and on, but I think you get the point.  

Starting my recruiting career on the agency side I have been exposed to A LOT of different recruiters with VERY different styles in recruiting.  Some of these recruiters love the quantity of candidates, while some of them love the quality.  I have seen people in both situations be successful in their careers, but I have often wondered what it is really about these recruiters that make them good at their jobs. 

Recently I made the move to the corporate side of recruiting, and I have finally had a chance to slow down a really take a long look at the approach I have taken in the past.  Working for an agency you have no choice but to put a lot in the funnel, but that does not mean you can not also focus on quality.  When candidates go back and look at the way they were treated, they are going to remember the agency name they are going to remember the recruiter they worked with. However, you are not going to be remembered for being average you will be remembered great or not so great.  I truly believe that being great can be accomplished by remembering one word....COMMUNICATION...

Communication starts from the very first call, and will continue all the way through the recruiting process.  Even if the candidate is not good for a position now, he/she may be good for something in the future.  It is very important to set expectations up front, and continue to do so as you move along the recruiting lifecycle.  Expectations can be set by explaining the recruiting process, telling the candidate where in the hiring process the position currently is, and by putting some responsibility on the candidate. Never forget that you are not the only one responsible for finding a candidate a job, the candidate should also take an active role in the search.  I have always made it a point to tell the candidate to follow up with me if he/she has not heard anything from me in 1-2 weeks. Not only will this put some responsibility back on the candidate, it will also make you seem like a partner to them in this process.  As a recruiter you are a resource for the candidate through the hiring process, and the more the candidate feels this, the more the candidate will trust you.

Trust and communication will set you apart from the other recruiters you work with, and will with work in the future.  If you plan to make a career out of recruiting, then it is important remember the basics of establishing trust.  If you succeed in this area, then you will succeed as a recruiter.

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Comment by Will Thomson on December 14, 2012 at 3:43pm

Well said!


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