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Today RecruitingBlogs teams up with Brazen Careerist for Seth Godin's free webinar: Finding Career Stability. Register here to hear from one of the world's greatest marketers. Register now.

A week from today, Jobvite invites Lou Adler to speak about Employee Referral and how to make it more proactive. Register here.

For more great webinars and live events, check out our events calendar or post one of your own!

Today's Featured Posts:

Set Social Recruiting Boundaries by Omowale Casselle: Just because your company is still deciding on whether or not to implement Social Recruiting into your overall recruiting strategy doesn’t mean you should delay setting a Social Recruiting policy. This can be a simple one-page of guidelines for appropriate use by employees based on the expected usage of these tools now or in the future. Read more...

Think Twice Before Hiring an Overqualified Candidate by Mark Bregman: Is the term “overqualified” code for too old, or too expensive? Should an employer be wary of hiring overqualified people? The answer to both is sometimes. Read more...

I’ve got another ‘R’ for Generation R (or how redundancy can actually make you a stronger person) by Alasdair Murray: Inspired by Mervyn Dinnen’s recent piece about Generation R, this week my take is on redundancy. A subject I unfortunately know more than just a little bit about. I still remember the feeling to this day. Aside from the death of my father when I was 13, the feelings that came with redundancy were...Read more...

Dilution, Broadseeding and the Business I'm in by Maren Hogan: I am not in the recruiting or HR business. This might surprise you but it's true. I am in the business of marketing to niche professionals. And while I've learned quite a lot along the way, one would never compare me to a Trish McFarlane, Laurie Ruettimann, Eric Winegardner or Kris Dunn...Read more...

Events Not to be Missed!

RecruitFest! the annual gathering of those nearest and dearest in the RecruitingBlogs community is coming up in October.

But before that, we're partnering with SocialMediaPlus, and RecruitingBlogs members get a special discount! (use code RBLOG15 when registering). RecruitingBlogs will be there supporting the Recruiting and HR tracks and we'd love to see you there too. Want to head to one of the biggest social media conferences in the northeast? Check it out! We're also going to be giving away some free tickets so pay attention!

And even before that, RecruitingBlogs heads to Chicago to visit the HREvolution's 2nd unconference.

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