TalentManagementTech.com -- World's Most Comprehensive Online Directory of HR and Recruiting Technologies Launches

TalentManagementTech.com (TMT) Promises to be THE Online Destination that Connects HR and Recruiting with Innovative Technologies

(PETERBOROUGH, NH - Oct. 15, 2008 - Caroo Media) Today, Caroo Media launched www.TalentManagementTech.com (TMT), the world's largest online and searchable directory of talent management technologies and services. More than a company directory, however, TMT also gives participants the ability to blog, to post their own news releases, and to upload additional content such as white papers. Noting that the community it creates helps to improve search engine optimization for all who participate, TMT welcomes professionals in human resources, recruiting, and talent management technologies and services to explore TMT's blend of the very latest in Web 2.0 functionality.

"TMT is as Web 2.0 as it gets," said RD Whitney, founder of TMT and CEO of Caroo Media, online publishing arm in the U.S. for U.K.-based Tarsus Group plc. "Now, in an online business community devoted to their industry, anyone in HR and recruiting can send out press releases, blog about their technology, create and enhance directory listings all their own, upload white papers and other files, and connect with their peers. Plus, the entire environment is designed with SEO in mind. The possibility of participants generating optimal visibility for themselves in the search engines is very real. What's more, TMT boasts the most comprehensive searchable directory online of talent management technologies and services."

Two primary features, both free, define the utility and potential of TMT. First is the TMT Directory of firms offering technologies and services for the talent management professions. The TMT Directory includes listings on more than one thousand such companies. Second is TMT's "Who's Who in Talent Management," personal profiles online of talent management professionals. Anyone in talent management may create a professional profile on TMT. Through its affiliation with Onrec.com, Online Recruitment Magazine and other global Tarsus media properties around the globe, TMT is able to reach hundreds of thousands of HR and recruiting professionals, each a potential member of the new "Who's Who in Talent Management."

As they see fit, participants in the TMT community may enhance and expand the content of their "Who's Who" profiles and of their listings in the TMT Directory, helping themselves and their offerings to stand out. For instance, from within the TMT community, anyone with a "Who's Who" profile may blog, post news and press releases, and upload files of many kinds -- all for the entire community of participants, as well as the rest of the Web, to see and comment on. Much of the same holds true for company listings, which have the capacity to display yet more news, press releases and files.

"TMT is an online destination that adds a new level of efficiency previously unavailable to the social media experience," said Brent Skinner, editor and chief of TMT. "The site harnesses the functionality and usefulness of many disparate Web 2.0 tools, consolidating them in a single environment, TMT, for anyone in the HR and recruiting industry to use."

"Many of this industry's thousands of companies offering relevant technologies and service are already in the TMT Directory," Skinner continued. "TMT welcomes anyone in talent management to create or expand their company's listing in the directory and to set up a personal profile in order to take full advantage of the site's features."

Any talent management professional who wishes to create a personal profile at TMT may do so by visiting the registration page. Skinner directed any firm wishing to create a listing for itself in the TMT Directory (or to enhance and expand one already catalogued) to get in touch with Victoria Ryder, directory editor for TMT, by e-mailing directory@talentmanagementtech.com.

In addition to many free activities, TMT offers yet more capabilities with the TMT PR Boost Campaign™. By harnessing the power of public relations for Web 2.0, the TMT PR Boost Campaign can dramatically improve a firm's search engine presence through PRSEO (public relations search engine optimization). TMT's editor in chief will work with a firm to draft a marketing statement and article that cast that business in the best possible light. This becomes the TMT Spotlight, the centerpiece of the TMT PR Boost Campaign. The TMT Spotlight displays on the TMT homepage for an extended period of time and at Onrec USA. Additionally, TMT sees to it that the TMT Spotlight displays in Google® News search results, as well.

"Two weeks after its TMT Spotlight becomes live," said Whitney, "the participating firm receives a report confirming that their news was picked up by search engines' news aggregators. With the push for free content and interactivity online, PRSEO is the new vehicle for promoting products and services. The TMT PR Boost Campaign embraces this fundamental shift in how firms create awareness around their brands in the online environment. TMT itself marshals the totality of Web 2.0 to provide the talent management community with benefits heretofore unseen in the industry."


About TalentManagementTech.com
TalentManagementTech.com (TMT), the most comprehensive searchable directory online of talent management technologies and services, is a creation of Caroo Media, the online media division of the international B2B media company, Tarsus Group plc (www.Tarsus.com). TMT runs on the innovative new FireStarter B2B community platform (www.MyFirestarter.com), enabling anyone to become his or her very own "firestarter" of content and interaction on the site.

The following individuals are available to answer questions and to provide more information:

RD Whitney, CEO or Caroo Media and Founder of TMT

Brent Skinner, Editor in Chief of TMT
e-mail: editor@talentmanagementtech.com

office phone: 603-925-1160

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JD - Like what you've done here.... perhaps you could share it with my readers at Want to be a Big Biller?

Would love to! Should I send you the PR or can I post it myself? My email is sendRD@gmail.com
Save me a job ;-)

RD Whitney said:
Would love to! Should I send you the PR or can I post it myself? My email is sendRD@gmail.com

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