I am seeking for some guidance. I am trying to generate traffic to my blog. I recently started blogging in earnest and am truly enjoying it. I am currently submiting article summaries through recruiting.com. Is there any other venue I can use similar to recruiting.com that caters to our niche? My blog has a sourcing/researching focus. so a general board may not work. At minimun i would figure to have a recruiting focus.

Any suggestions?

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My first question is what kind of traffic are you looking for.
Excellent question. I hadn't thought much beyond the fact that it has been a pleasure and it still is to share thoughts, opinions, and philosophies. I also started paying with sitemeter which got me started looking at the number of visits. I go caught up in looking at the number of daily visits and page views. When it comes down to it though, I just want to share and network see peoples comments and reactions to my thoughts.

And unless people read the thoughts it is in sharing. I have been looking to make my blog more visible to other recruitment professionals that is all. I don't know if that answers your question. THanks though, this excercize of expressing my thoughts in concrete has helped me,
Jessica provides an excellent resource. I'd like to add another, but a bit outside recruiting. FolioVision provides some excellent insights into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writing. You can find them here: http://foliovision.com/weblog/ If it's too tech heavy for you, just boil it down to this: the way you write and what you write about can have an dramatic impact on who you attract to your site and for what reasons.
I have always believed that if you like what you write and other people like what you write, they will put you on their blogrolls and from there it begins. Very few blogs get exploding traffic right away. These things take time. But it really is important to know what kind of people you want coming to your site. This will determine what sites make sense for you to use to promote your blog.
Slouch smokes crack ...

I love him like NO other. I mean this in the smartest way...

Slouch can point out my mistakes. However, if you want a real DISASTER on your hand, follow my lead...

1.Make bold statements. Not Rude. Not Crass. Just RIGHT in ALL the WRONG ways...trust me, people will take notice.
2. People will start to reference YOU on THEIR blogs...linking back to aforementioned staements.
3. Admit that you are wrong...but keep going. Admit where the recruitosphere and RECRUITERS and BLOGGERS can do BETTER...mention their weaknesses...

4. Don't be afraid to WRITE your opinion. Remember your life here is DIFFERENT that what is in the real world....noone will ever honk at you in traffic and tell you that you suck...but in the bloggosphere, out of traffic, with a beer in front of you, they may, in order, bring you to public shame...

In short...be who you WANT to be...find your OWN voice. We all have ours...mine is crass and rude and NOT to be taken seriously...Slouch is calm and soothing...especially when he rubs my feet after a long day...Richard is that proessorial type who you WANT to do right by...BUT no matter...the recruit-o-sphere is YOURS...and ours...Write it up...

NEVER be ashamed...bring it with a BIG voice and BIG conviction....

Thanks, I appreciate all you comments. I appreciate your willingness to share and counsel. I am learning so much from you and from this blogging experience. Thanks
Hi Moises,

Great question! Here's one (fun) way this can be done. Jason Buss at TalentBuzz did a contest of blog postings recently. My post http://thetalentbuzz.com/2008/08/i-disagree-with-donato-diorio/ won the competition along with Willy Franzen's post, each of us bringing 700+ unique visitors to the TalentBuzz site.

In my blog post there was a suggestion to download trial sourcing software, and about 25% of the visitors did it - so perhaps this was a very relevant crowd.

I'd be glad to do this again. I have more sourcing and recruiting-related ideas to share.
How does this sound to you?


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