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I have had a great Relationship with Anna Brekka who currently heads up the Recruiting Conference for Kennedy Information. Anna contacted me many years ago in order to see if there was a way that Kennedy and could do some work together. We did do some work together and we have remained friends

Last week Anna once again called and laid something on me that quite frankly blew me away. Anna called and said she has some ideas as to how Kennedy and could do some work together. I said I’m always interested in those sorts of things.

She said good.

Anna said there are a couple of ideas so lets first start with She told me they promote that site to recruiters and in fact, there are quite a few people who contribute information to that site on a regular basis. Anna let me know that she would like to promote as their social network for regular readers and visitors to There will be a logo on that page and readers will be encouraged to visit and to join.

I said ok.

Anna then showed me a floor plan of the conference coming up in May in Las Vegas (here we go again) in the middle of the exhibit hall, there is a lounge area with comfy couches and computers with wireless access. Kennedy always provides this. Anna says this year, we would like to call it the Lounge. She said they would make signs and actually brand it the Lounge.

I said ok.

She then says, so what is going to do to make money. I said my wife asks me the same question all of the time. I said to start with, there is a company called Talent Technology that has agreed to advertise and in addition promote an upcoming webinar that their CEO will be doing for the membership of (more on this tomorrow)

Anna then asked me if she could advertise. Imagine the nerve eh? She offers to make the official backend recruiting social network for their recruiting industry audience, give some great space and branding at the conference next month and then she asks if she can also advertise at the same rate as Talent Technology.

I said ok

So all of this is good. I am going to send out a couple of emails over the next 5 weeks or so that will talk about the upcoming show and the things I am doing in my attempt to make it fun for everyone who will be there in Vegas. Since Kennedy has also become an advertiser, I will put up a logo for them in a good spot. If anyone minds, let me know

Something else you may be interested in. I am looking for 5 people who are interested in attending Kennedy’s Recruiting Conference in order to help me create some great content in terms of video and write ups of discussions you have with people there at the show. I’ll provide you each with a video camera and a free pass into the show. Sorry I can’t fly you down. We can hang out in the lounge area and spread the word and maybe even get a person or two to sign up. Just let me know if you are interested and able to go and we can talk.

Anna even had a landing page designed for members of If you decide to go, members of get a discount and you can see what it is if you are interested and click through to the page. makes no money from signups. Just to let you know.

Below you can find two video I made the last time I was in Vegas.

Find more videos like this on

Find more videos like this on

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That's great news and well deserved. Congratulations. And it's instructive that the first contact was "many years ago" - timing is everything and sometimes we have to wait for the right time for things to click. A good lesson.

I'm sure there are lots of us who do things in the social media space who get the spouse question "when does the making money out of this part start?" You have probably given hope to many! :) I'd love to come and help but there's a small matter of a few thousand miles of ocean to negotiate. Perhaps another year.

If you need any help at Recruiting 2008 I will be there.

Dan Boaz
(704) 660-9000 Office
(704) 660-9050 Fax
(704) 900-3102 Direct Line
(704) 657-2889 Mobile
Excellent news Jason. This thing just seems to be taking on a new life of it's own every day. Look forward to seeing you there, my Flip in hand!
This is great news! I look forward to seeing you next month.

Some really great stuff. Congratulations, am very happy for you.

Hey, It's always tough figuring out how to make money on the web, but I defiantely think there is potential here. I am planning on being at the conference so let me know if you need any help promoting.
Sounds great Jason. Always looking for a place to hang with you. I'm hopeful we can get an interesting dinner in as well. I've got a panel of characters who will be talking about what makes their staffing pages world class. I'll try to steer them to the lounge to share their thoughts after the session. Should be a good conference...and you can't beat the location.
and when is Kennedy coming to India?
Hey Jason,
You know I'm already here in Las Vegas, let me know how I can help?



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