My vote is for salesmanship...

Anyone else.

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A sense of total professionalism in your approach language.

In doing so you’ll develop the ability to establish immediate impact thereby creating trust and demonstrating knowledge of their specific industry.

So you may be wondering how?

Research! Pure and simple. know the company, its products, services line and standing within their industry. A good place to start? will list out a variety of SIC codes that identify industry specifics (also target recruiting list) along with public or private company, key execs, upcoming merger/acquisition deals and so much more.

Happy Hunting!

Raoul Q
I find I do well with a balance of Professionalism meets Easy Going.
My clients often complement me for not being a pushy salesman and still providing all the relevant information they need to make a decision.
They are often tired of headhunters telling them who to hire.
I make it clear to my clients that I'm not going to cry if they pass on my Packaging Engineer and I don't get to buy a new waverunner this month.
Get motivation from the things he/ she does
There are so many skills needed as noted before. I'll just add a few:

Follow through=consistant communication with all parties.
Assessment=intense listening on the initial recruiting call (and all through the process) to hear and understand what the candidate is really saying, not just the normal platitudes.

Strongly agree w/ Amanda Papp--LISTENING---Too many recruiters spend too much time talking. We are in the business of collecting information, analysing it and dispersing it accurately.
If I had to select only one I'd say the ability to develop rapport quickly. There is such a limited amount of time to build trust and credibility and if those two things are not in play instantly then there isn't the time to listen, or sell or any of the other essential tools one must have in the toolbox.
The comments added here are great. It's also important to really care about the candidate as well as the client, and making a good match. If the hiring company is happy and the job seeker / new employee is happy, and you've made a good long-term fit, your retention ratio is high and you get repeat business and great referrals!
In the world of corporate recruiting, thick skin.
Good Listener---which will help in identifying the need---And thats just the right place where we have to strike....
Listening Ability........a lot of recruiters spend too much time worrying about selling an already sold candidate.

Sit back and let them talk about themselves!!!
Surviving in this industry requires a sense of humor and knowing when you shouldn't laugh out loud.
For me "Trusting your intuitions" & "Abstract thinking" have worked wonders

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