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Here was the discussion for today and we would enjoy hearing your feedback about the RecruitingBlogs.com community. Please add to this take away from it but help contribute to describing what the RB.com community is, what you want to contribute to it and what you want from it.

Welcome to RecruitingBlogs.com. We are a global community of people passionate about the art and craft of recruiting. Our currency is trust, respect, inclusiveness, and sharing to ensure our community thrives. We are committed to sharing our wisdom and knowledge to further the craft of recruiting.

Actively participating in our community includes giving as well as receiving – and, the more you give the more you receive. Being intentional when reaching out to people helps to ensure mutual respect permeates our community. Take the time to browse around, observe, listen and then engage. Think about what you want to contribute, where you can add value and what you want to gain from the RecruitingBlogs.com community - there's a lot of value for each of us to gain. Through intentionality and awareness we can foster incredible growth and connectedness.

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I do think that a course on social media 101 is needed. I am disappointed that a few members think it is a good idea to try and sell something to another member 12 hours after they joined and without a proper introduction.

Being in the trade I understand it but the short term gain is never worth the long term negativity
an a little of topic but I figure susan since you like twitter, twitter is the 7th biggest referrer of traffic to RecruitingBlogs.com in the last 30 days - 349 visits
My 2 cents input on this !~ well.. being completely new to all this (as of today it will little over 1 month since joining RB), the feeling of "inclusiveness" of RB really helps me to reach out and share, learn and grow. I completely underestimated the power of online networking and building a community.. Looking forward to it more (I'm almost addicted to RB by now lol).. Hope to learn from you all and vice versa.


Josh - very interesting. One of the reasons I'm doing the teacher training is to incorporate more of the yoga philosophy into business. For me its about daily awareness, balance of body and mind, presence, and focus - the drishti. Its having the strength to pull back in order to go deeper - if that makes sense. One of the most amazing things I see in yoga is the shift that happens when a group comes together to practice. No matter if people know each other or not, or if there is 10 people or 90. At the beginning of the class its traditional to chant aum, or om - which is the universal sound and I believe the first sound of the universe. Harmony is usually a bit mixed and off at the beginning of practice. But, at the close of practice, usually about 90 minutes, and the group chants aum again, the harmony is totally in sync and beautiful. Imagine if we could get that type of harmony, alignment and balance into our work environments. The other amazing aspect of yoga is learning to hold versus run from things that feel uncomfortable. As you observe yourself in postures that are less than comfortable at times you can either breathe into it and be patient or run. As you further this aspect of the practice is flows over into other aspects of life, especially business.

I would like to explore Aikido more and will now add it to my list to get to.

There's also some work/study that was recently done on compassion training at Ameriprise. The results - revenue went up, stress went down and people felt more connected to the world as a whole - pretty amazing stuff!

btw - the type of yoga I practice is power vinyassa and great for type a's who thrive on cardio and fast movement. There is a slowness to it as well in holding postures but overall much more dynamic than other types of yoga.
saw somebody else doing this same thing today to a member I recently referred. Got me hot under the collar all over again!
Thanks Susan - that says a lot about you and RB.com! I've really appreciated the contribution you've made in such a short period of time and glad you decided to join!
little people? we are all giants taking a journey together ;-)
No.. seriously.. thank "YOU" Susan.. this is been a great ride so far via your community chat.. and thanks to Jason for making RB happen.. couldn't believe how (when I joined.. back in end of May - around 6,000 members.. and now close to 10K.. all I can say is "wow"... I hope to bring more people here and learn & share from all this. Look forward to it further!~
I am definitely in that "little people".. but enjoying the journey so far.. ;)
Those are very nice things to say. I want to make sure that if you ever suspect anyone of wasting your time, let me know. I banned someone just yesterday. I hate doing it but sometimes I really have no choice. Wasted time is less tome you can spend with your daughter. those were great pictures you put up of your family
Not sure if this is the place for it, but since people are discussing pros and cons of RB, I thought I would ask a question about searching the site.

You can search all the members by/for geographic locations (a city, say) and it will return the proper results - i.e. members located there (in addition to incidental mentions of that word or phrase) - but if you search your friends, it will not search their location. So basically you can't refine your friend list by location, but you can refine the general membership by location. Is there a way around this (or is there some option I'm not seeing)?
I think you are right. ning does not have great member searching but I do have something from a third party vendor that does it better but for the entire network. there is no way to search just your friends. It's a good idea.

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