To celebrate 10,000 members on I wanted to do something really special and make it memorable. I wanted to share a place I go to every year that keeps me in line and keeps me sane and teaches me that sometimes, it's good to slow down. In this business, we all need a little sometimes. So, I called Donato at Broadlook and had the following conversation:

Hey Donato

Oh no, what now?

That's no way to greet a friend? Did you see how many logo submissions there have been? Did you see the broadlook logo at the top of that post?


That's right, I'll do the talking - There is this place in Jamaica and it soothes the soul and I think if we can figure out a way to send someone and a guest there for 4 nights and 5 days, life here on may be a little sweeter.

(more silence)

It's in Negril on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and it's the kind of place that fixes everything that's broke. You know what I mean? I have been there 8 times, maybe 10 and before I'm dead, well, who knows how many more times I'll visit.

Now we're talking!! We both have the same kind of dog so I figure I'll like that place too. I'll pack and maybe my wife and I can leave in a week.



You're not going anywhere. I was hoping that maybe BroadLook could sponsor it and you and I together could decide who is going to go based on an idea I have. Besides, this is a great way for Broadlook and to kick off that long term visibility program you and I talked about.

Tell me more

Tell me yes and I will be the happiest guy in town today.


Wow, I can't believe we're going to send someone to Jamaica. Thanks Donato, that is very generous of you and your company.

You are very welcome.

How To Win A Trip To Tensing pen in Negril (don't use firefox to view the site)

Since video seems to be the thing that entertains a whole lot of people these days, I want to collectively create some great video about the recruiting industry and

Does it have to be fancy? No.

Does it need to be professional? No.

Can everybody do it? Yes.

Does it need to reference Yes

Can it be funny and crazy and make you laugh? Sure Can

Can it be serious and full of love and emotion? Yup

Full Feature Movie? No, 2-4 minutes

You must be a member of with an up to date profile

You must be in the Recruiting Industy

Contest ends August 9th 2008

These videos over the next 30 days will be in high rotation on

How are we going to pick the winner? easy, out of a hat - on video for everyone to see. There is no other fair way to do it. This has to be fair.

How To Submit: Add your video to the video section on and make sure you add the tag "contest" and shoot me a message to let me know.

Please note: Airline tickets for two and hotel along with ground transportation to and from the hotel will be covered along with up to $500 worth of food and drinks. However, point of departure must be in the United States or Canada.

Vacation Dates - Sept, Oct, Nov. 2008 - we will work out the details.


Spread the word.


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you can submit as many as you want but only one name will be put in the hat.
Jason.. congrats on hitting 10K. Great prize... and I really enjoy the entertainment value of your "interview" style introductions. Good stuff.

It will be interesting to see how viral each video becomes.
Great idea, Jason. Perhaps you can pull some best practices from Dunkin Donuts campaign on Youtube, "How do you keep America running?"

This way, you could narrow the videos to a given theme.?.

Just thinking out loud - I like where you're going with this.
I almost thought recruitinganimal was posting the contest. Good deal, I may have to bust out a video camera!
Nice contest! Is George Lucas throwing his handy work into the mix? JK

Good luck!
Simply amazing - and truly generous. I'm anxious to see all of the submissions.

Great stuff, Jason!
part of this is because I know you make good videos and I hope you come up with something great
The recruitinganimal and I are no longer friends. ask him about it
Oh, man! I can't wait to get home....I've got an idea cooking upstairs.

Thanks Jason and Donato!

Wonder what the prize will be at 20k?

i already know what I want it to be.
I'll check that out. Thanks
this is a great idea! i will start working on my video this weekend! i want to go to this cool place you speak of!

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