Good morning everyone. Just wondering if any of you have had success using "The Ladders" for recruiting $100K+ talent? I'd love to hear if you can share!



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Our office has received some quality candidates from The Ladders. We've seen better results from posting than we have from search. Their street prices are outrageous so you have to feel confident it will produce results for you.

Hi Philise,

We had been using The Ladders for maybe 2 years prior to it becoming a fee based search. I can only say that there are a number of good candidates on there. We would have continued using it if they would have created a nominal fee for early adopters, even increasing as the years go by. But for than to immedietly make it as expensive as a Monster or Careerbuilder, didn't make sense for us here. We work many technical jobs, and The Ladders wasn't the best source for those.

I'm with AJ on this - my take is that the increase was precipitous and not for me given my current tech-heavy searches. On the other hand, I have had success using The Ladders for softer skills based jobs such as IT sales, and to a lesser degree, IT pre-sales. Hope that helps!
Hi Philise-
I have used TheLadders for many years and have received quality candidates - not always placeable for the current search - but great for networking too. I usually don't use job boards since I have a large network having been in the business for 20 years. But I like to keep my name out there as well as the company. This is the only board I have been using - their fees are very reasonable and one deal I make covers more than the fee itself. I also agree with Tim - my niche is IT and Mgmt - it is best used for the softer skills - but you can get specific on those softer skills. Also - I post my jobs - I do not search the resumes. I hope you got some questions answered here...


Thanks for your input, we are trying to figure out if we can continue with the Ladders "fee based" model, since we've had no successful placements yet to date.

Thanks AJ...they are running an early adopter special right now....but it is still expensive...about 1/2 of the regularly advertised pricing. We're still trying to figure out if it is worth the cost vs. the low return (placements) for us.
Thanks Tim...we are seeing the same thing as well....not so good for the tech searches. We did get a great Account Management candidate for a client from the Ladders...but alas, they (the client) waited too long on her, and she took another opportunity.
Hi Jan,

Wow...that is impressive that you ONLY use the Ladders for your searches and are successful. I assume you got the "early adopter" pricing...the Street Price is HIGH for a new $10,000 for a year.
Hi Philise -
Yes I must have gotten the "early adopter" price. Wow -I would never pay 10K - I didn't realize. If my price should go up - I would not renew. The Ladders should definately lower their fees - I still wasn't happy that I would be paying my ""lower rate.""
Also - to clarify - I don't ONLY use the Ladders for my searches. I use my network and I know how to find almost anything if I want thru cold call recruiting - I just like the quality of the candidates on The Ladders and I feel I should be one one job board. Also - I just post - I don't search candidates on the board.

We've had success with theladders and have recently paid to keep our accounts with them. We place people with an average salary of about $150K/yr, mostly for large consulting companies, in the areas of ERP and strategy consulting; this site has worked well for us.
We are small, we do a lot of internet research and rarely pay for services, so this is one of our few investments.
You do need to master their tools to be successful. They have candidates' profiles, and candidates are free to post resumes or keep them private until asked. Searching profiles requires some creativity.
Theladders have been adding more tools such as email alerts for searches, matching profiles against jobs etc. which I find helpful.
I highly recommend them, perhaps depending on your area.


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