It's hard to find passive candidates now. I often ask my network to help me find the right candidates. And also list on some job search board.

Today, all job boards charge by month and it's expensive. If a job site claim to charge by performance, how much can you accept? Of course, it's diferent for diferent level. Can you give me some direction? Thanks.

Here is my thought:
1. $400: the same as job listing per month on Monster.
2. same as referral bonus.
3. other: please let me know.


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Jack - your question doesn't make much sense. Sorry. Do you mean "How much would you pay for "a" passive candidate? And are you wondering if we would pay 400 for one candidate?

Yep, Jerry, you are right, that's absolutely what I mean, any idea?
change the questions,thanks.
All people in the world fall into one of these two categories: active and passive.

So your real question is "How much would you pay for a resume?"

My answer is: nothing.

Sorry to be so exact here Jack. I realize you're trying to do something different. But people aren't going to pay much for "passive" resumes. At least I won't. But if you do find someone willing to pay even 10 cents for a resume - I've got a few thousand dollars worth I'd love to share!
Do you mean for a placed candidate or just a single passive candidate that may or may not be placed? If so then I agree with Jerry, a name or resume is not a candidate, it's just potential that may or may not be realized. $400 is a bit steep for that, when you consider that for that same price you have access to thousands of resumes on Monster.
Ha...the old how much question.

Answer: Whatever the market will bear and the person you are directing the question too.

If I am a TPR that is trying to fill a 500k role with a 150k fee attached and you waved the perfect candidate under my nose where there might only be 3 of them in the known universe.......well then the more active/interested the candidate is the more I would be willing to pay. The same applies if you just sent me the bio of the perfect candidate (no resume) who is fully passive (hate that word btw), then I would still probably pay a lot given the large fee but not as much as the fell into my lap, ready to go candidate. How much of the 150k people might give away is a personal call (I know my limit though :-)

Now if I am a Corporate Recruiter my answer is going to be way different as I am not going to be paid a 150k fee. It will then depend on more factors than I have room to outline here (budgetary, relationship with hiring manager, company strategy, cultural approach, on and on)

So the real question you are really asking is.....

"How long is a piece of string"

Unless you want to redefine and redirect the question to whatever audience you are after here.

my 2 cents
Indeed, what I mean is you have successful hire an applicant from us, how much would you pay for it. You needn't pay by month to post ad to big job board, but pay by performance. If succeed, how much would you pay. If failed, of course, you need not pay any fee. Thanks. -Jack
Thank you, Rob. You help me to figure out an important issue. Payment is not always the same, that depends on level, corp. and some other factor. Indeed, I just want to figure it out the average level. -Jack
Jack - average is the middle point in the string :-)

In Human capital where we don't sell/buy widgets, there is generally no avg. Ask most recruiters what the avg req load, time to fill, etc, etc and you will get wild variations on the answer.

You have to work out what you are selling to whom and put stakes in the ground on the cost of those service offerings.

If you sell a resume you get off a large label job board then X
If you get a resume from lots of networking, cold calling, research (proactive work) then Y
If you just find a name and contact details then Z
If the candidate is then qualified and interested (QIA) then X or Y to the Power of 2/3/4.....

The above could be a flat price per deliverable or by the hour for x names/resumes

I have seen name gen for $.40 a lead to $75... to $130 an hour

I have seen a QIA from a few hundred dollars to 1 candidate with an associated fee of 175k

As you can see......there is no average in recruiting

I have send
Rob, that's really great information to me. I know, I know, you mean, we should have a market position. Payment is not always the same.

Btw, have you ever use theLadders? How you think about it?

I won't say what we pay for a candidate but I will say what we charge for a candidate. Since we're a Candidate Pipeline Development(TM) firm this is right in our realm of expertise.

Internet Name Generation only - $20 per name which includes name, title, company, phone and sometimes we can get direct line and an email address

Phone Name Generation - $50 per name name, title, company, phone and sometimes we can get direct line and an email address

For fully prescreened qualified and interested candidates we charge from $750 per candidate up to $5000 per candidate depending on if there any special circumstances. The smaller the pool of candidates the larger the fee per candidate. A special circumstance might be, relocation, security clearance, VP CxO or Board level titles, making more than $200K per year etc. All candidates are guaranteed to meet the minimum qualifications set forth by the hiring manager or recruiter and will be interested in having at least a 30 minute phone interview to discuss the oppty.

On an hourly rate we charge $65 per hour, no matter what the service is you are requesting. The only difference is we also provide weekly metric reports on activities, target analysis, candidate summary, project summaries to back up the ROI. By going the with the hourly rate clients can reduce the overall cost per Q&I candidate by as much as 50% depending on the types of positions.

I hope I didn't make it too "salesy" wasn't my intention but kinda tough to answer this type of question without souding salesy.

We based our pricing on the average cost of a placement fee of 20% on a minimum of $70,000 per year salary or $14,000. We try and make the client a hire and give them more candidates to choose from for 1/3 to 1/2 less. But then we aren't providing full fledged contingency service either.

Jeff Weidner
HTC Research Corp
jeffweidnerlinkedin@gmail.com (8500+ and counting)
It seems like what Jack is asking is, what is the value of a resume that has been either "referred" or sourced through networking?

The simple answer is $0 unless there are measurable results; a) a placment that is billable or b) it leads to "new business" (sales lead) that creates revenue. anything less its another resume in the database!

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