Have any of you come across a job discription that REALLY grabbed you attention?

I found this job discription on Zoominfo. The job title is "General Rock Stars"

You know you would have to check it out as well! I look at other companies sites often, I usually see what they have open, salary info, job site design. The usual. This is the first time a site actually got my attention with a title.

Well done. Now thats a cool way to build the Employment Brand.



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Thanks for the advice Martin and good for you for the creative thinking. I totally agree - it's not hard to make your job orders stand out amongst the recitation of job tasks and qualification bullet points. We've seen a big uptick in qualified responses after re-tooling our job descriptions, but I'd love to throw a rock star posting in there some day!

I love creative thinking when it comes to recruitment. I think of Martin's posting often and is one that I will always remember!
I just posted a regional sales role "Sales Evangelist" for a VC firm and that def caught some attention on the east coast.

I did see an interesting add on Facebook in the Marketplace recently for Mr Lube with some stick figure drawings in Vancouver.

Some great job descriptions are starting to pop up in the FB marketplace.. with the limited character space individuals are being force to truncate and become creative!
Only thing I would warn is be careful with your job titles as you might hinder more than help as most people are not searching for "Rockstar CS Guy" or "Killer order compiler"
With you on that - I make sure to have specific jobs, with highly searchable titles, on our career site. The General Rock Stars posting is up because I wanted to make sure that people didn't come to our site, say "wow, cool company - wish they were looking for someone like me", and then not apply. Most of us on this side of the house know there are always a number of roles that haven't been approved yet, or are farther down the hiring roadmap, that we could fill earlier if the right candidate fell in our lap.

The GRS posting has been a great way to add some gravity to said lap. Live example - we're talking about adding a few QA people to our team. We like to hire people with aptitude and potential into that team, and homegrow them as opposed to hiring been-there, done-that QA engineers. I have the QA Engineer role posted, and I am getting a ton of QA engineers - which I don't, in truth, really want. Buuuuut, I've had 2 people apply to the GRS posting in the last 24 hours who look awesome for the position - semi-fresh grads, technical majors (one's in math - score!), tons of outside interests & activities, light scripting while in school, etc.

I'm screeing one of them in 15 minutes, and if it goes well, I'm getting her in here this afternoon to meet with the QA team.
We recently did a survey with our sales reps about their experience of representing our company's products. I decided to try to translate the results into a job description, focus on the opportunity rather than the requirements of the job, as Lou Adler suggests. Here's what I wrote:

"Every salesperson wants to represent great products and a great company. They want to make great money and have great relationships with their customers.

Are you ready for greatness?

ConMed Linvatec is a leader in products for minimally invasive surgery. Here are some of the things reps love about representing Linvatec.

* Linvatec offers and extensive line of products recognized in the marketplace for exceptional quality. We have over 4,000 proven and innovative products for Sports Medicine, Endoscopy and Powered Instruments, like the TrueHD Camera- the only autoclavable camera on the market

* Honesty and integrity are central to the way we do business. We "do right" by both our reps and our customers.

* Sales reps can count on the full support of Linvatec, from excellent customer service, technical support, experienced mentors and a management team that supports their success in tangible ways every day.

* In a recent survey, reps told us the three things they love most about representing Linvatec are:
1) Every single day is exciting and challenging.
2) They have the ability to make great money and an uncapped potential for growth.
3) They have the freedom to "run their own business" and do what they do best- building relationships with surgeons, growing their business, and closing major capital sales.
If you have solid outside B2B or prior medical device sales experience, we encourage you to apply now for our opening in Danbury- but only if you are ready for greatness."

It is still quite dry compared to Martin's, but I thought I'd take a chance and share.
Love the Rock Star ad. We are about to redevelop our employment website with a new "brand" informed by the survey, so thanks for the nudge to consider a more creative approach.

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