Just checking a few of the latest comments on RBC. In case you haven't checked them out, here are a few examples of this mornings activity:

"You have a pretty face...."

"Nice picture"

"You are pretty"

"It's nice to network with a friendly female"

Come on. This kind of crap embarrases me. Go hit your local bar if you need to. Please refrain from attempting to turn RBC into a hook-up spot. Its not.

Ive not been here too long but can see JD appears to be more than fair. If I were him I'd simply block some of you people.

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Hi Henry,

I was on RBC this morning and saw your post.. and I am sure JD will have more to say about this as well.. feel free to read his latest post on this. All the best, Susan

A RecruitingBlogs.com Rant
Hey Henry. Thanks for this. sometimes it gets a little out of control. I have removed quite a few people from the network for various things like this and I know who you are referring to and my next thing to do this morning is to let them know that they need to stop. I usually give a warning to the person and then they get banned. part of the issue is that these things were not things that happened with a few thousand people. now it's different and it's a real pain in the ass.
It's a nice place Slouch. Thank you. Its got to be tough keeping 11000 recruiters in line but you do a good job.

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