Rant here: Please stop using the term "Career Seekers"....it is not accurate!

Career seeker? As in someone looking to find a career? Is that what you mean? Wouldn't that be targeting the college grad crowd?

It is OK to say the word - say it with me - J.O.B. As in to find a job, get a job, start a new job, leave a job, apply for a job, job openings, jobs filled, good job!, "I hear you found a new job!", take this job and shove it, etc, etc,etc.

I get so tired of the people who keep trying to change the names of everything.

Enough already!

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I bet you don't ever use the word applicant either.
Good one JD - but that's not me. I don't really see much difference between applicant and candidate. What set me off earlier was looking at a few corporate sites. Where we used to find the word Jobs or Openings or Positions Available we now see Career Seeker.

Wouldn't that be the same as Profession Seeker?

I'm just saying the words as put together do not apply to the category they are now meant to cover.

And this is the Recruiting Rants section......:)
You forgot job seeker. Nice Rant. I agree.
Hi Jeff,

I have to respectfully disagree.. I believe we have different way of putting things .. and different wordings, phrases may have different meanings. It all depends on what stage they are at in their life (not only to target college grad crowd) but different professionals (i.e. career changers - who may want to explore different career options). I have had many approach me about this and I am completely fine with it.. actually it provokes further discussion and interest. If someone is that forward about a "job" perhaps someone may not want to seem desperate (at least I had a couple of candidate approach me that way). Also, personally I will not use that either as every stage is an exploaration. Everyone is different and deserves a chance to say whatever they choose to say. And so, hope my rant will be heard with some understanding. I get tired of people at some point.. as well.. but as recruiters.. we should respect everyone's differences (it's nothing to do with them being shy or anything or even "seem" desperate) in my point of view. Perhaps some of these folks may "hope" that some recruiters can be career coaches (in my opinion, that's necessary - they just seek for some guidance). If I am not very clear, feel free to ask me. I'd be happy to elaborate... as this is "my" rant..and views.


Susan (complete newbie who has different opinion about the recruiting community)
I have to agree with Susan! I rather have someone who wants a career vs a job. You can always
get a job...but it's building a career that's hard! I agree that it takes alot of jobs to figure out
what career you want to do. The exception is that if you are studying engineering...then most likely
you will be in the engineering career!

That's my 2 cents....
It's nice to see some more input on this. Thanks!

Back to my original rant with some clarification.

The majority would agree - most of the instances in which we see Career Seekers as the title - it is not identifying entry-level jobs where applicants can go to get their career started. I'm not sure if it's just the PC Police influencing all this - but when someone has been gainfully employed within a "career" and they are then considering a new "job" or "position" - they are NOT a "career seeker". They have a career. They are looking to stay with the career they have established but are looking for a different position within it.
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@Jerry: I really dislike the whole PC fluff, but as HR, we are expected to abide.  I think the evolution of the word use of career as opposed to job comes from the negative connotations that people associate when they here the word "job".  Everyone wants this illustrious "career" like it's something just floating around waiting to be grabbed and harnessed.  You will hear "job" usually in a negative context, "This is just a job, not a career."  The word "career" has become that fluff in HR.  Nobody just wants a job, they want a career!  The phrase that gets me all riled up is "talent acquisition"...what a bunch of fluffy crap!

@Keith, ditto on Orangegigs, stuff a sock in your spam jaydev.  If you want an ad pay for it.

Also ditto on "career seeker" , "talent acquisition" and all the other trendy bastardization of the english language to try and make recruiting, jobs and candidates into something that sounds more important.  I have had to laugh as i have noticed that some of our brethern are now billing themselves as "talent attraction" instead of "talent acquisition" specialists.  Now they are going to attract talent instead of acquire it.  Or maybe now HR can have two different departments.  I can hear it now, "This is our Talent acquisition Group, they go out and drag people in off the streets."  "This is our "Talent Attraction Group, they go to trade shows put on skits, tap dance and look cute to attract talent."


A career is defined as an occupation that a person progresses in for a period of time.  So maybe these idiots should start calling people "occupation seekers" which of course makes Jerry's point that career seeker is totally incorrect unless you want to interchange it with occupation seeker as in one who is still trying to figure out what they want to do when they grow up.


The biggest joke in the recruiting industry for the past three decades is the person who hits our offices and when asked what they do or want to do says, "I am looking for a career change with a challenge."


I agree Keith and Jerry and everybody else who has enough sense to laugh at and not use phony, pretentious, incorrect bullshit words, terms and expressions for what we do and what we really mean.  Are you so insecure that you sit around and make up words and phrases to try and sound more important?  Rat Crap!



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