100 Best RSS Feeds for Job Seekers100 Best RSS Feeds for Job Seekers
By Christina Laun

One way to keep up with news, helpful advice and information to help you in your job search is to subscribe to job and career related RSS feeds. You’ll get the latest updates right to your RSS reader without having to visit each individual site, streamlining your searching process and leaving you with more time for other important tasks. Here are a few feeds that can be of assistance in your search for a new, different, or better job.


Find listings for thousands of jobs all over world in a variety of fields on these feeds.

Monster.com: One of the biggest names in job search sites now offers the convenience of RSS feeds so you don’t have to browse jobs every day to get the latest updates.
CareerBuilder: Another job search giant, CareerBuilder allows you to customize RSS feeds so you get the job openings you’re most interested in.
American Preferred Jobs: Find jobs by state, popularity and field through this easy-to-use RSS tool.
Superior Jobs: Here you can find jobs in fields like finance, engineering and design and have them delivered right to your RSS reader.
HireAbility: Make the most of the thousands of job listings on this site by setting up a simple feed to send the best jobs your way.
Job.com: Get feeds from Job.com through their site and advice on choosing and setting up an RSS reader.
indeed: indeed offers complete feeds of its job listings or the ability to limit them by salary, company, title, location and job type.
DotOrgJobs: Find feeds for job searches in administrative support, finance, fundraising, human resources, marketing and more on this job search site.
Commongood Careers: Here you can subscribe to listings for a variety of jobs in over 12 US cities.
Yahoo! HotJobs: Check out this popular site for some helpful job finding feeds.
SimplyHired: With over 6 million jobs to choose from, this site can be a valuable resource for setting up an RSS feed.
JobSearchUSA: Get connected to jobs and employers by setting up a customized RSS feed through this site.
ZamZim: With this site you can limit your RSS feed by city or the type of job that you’re looking for.
Region Specific

Check out these feeds for state and city specific listings.

Chicago Tribune: Those in the Chicagoland area can check out the job listings the Tribune offers and set up a convenient RSS feed to monitor them.
Guardian Jobs: One of the UK’s largest papers, the Guardian makes it easy to track and search for jobs through RSS.
Star Tribune: This Minneapolis-St.Paul paper provides simple RSS feeds for the kinds of jobs you’re interested in.
California Jobs: If you’re looking for work in the state of California, check out this helpful RSS feed.
International Jobs: Find a job away from your home country with a little help from this site and a customized RSS feed.
Los Angeles Times: As one of the biggest cities in the US, LA can offer a wide range of employment opportunities. You can track them through your RSS reader and the Times.
Jobs In Dubai: Find work in this growing city through this site’s RSS feeds.
New York Times: One of the most well-known papers in the world, the New York Times provides not only news by job listings as well, which you can get delivered right to an RSS reader.
DallasJobs: Whether you’re in the Dallas area or looking to relocate, this site can help you find work.
BestAustinJobs: Find the best jobs in the Austin area by signing up for this site’s RSS feeds.
Librarians and Academics

Whether you’re at home in the library as a researcher or a librarian, these feeds can help you find a job.

ALA JobLIST: The American Library Association provides these listings and the RSS feed that can help you find work in a library around the nation.
Alliance Library System Job Listings: Search through these listings or sign up for a feed to find great library centered jobs.
Chronicle of Higher Education: This site is a great resource both for librarians and those working in academics and higher education. Sign up for feeds that meet your needs.
Lib-bling.com Professional Postings: Check out this site and its feed for great openings in libraries around the country.
LISJobs: Here you’ll find jobs at huge libraries like the Library of Congress as well as smaller libraries in towns across the US.
NASIG Jobs: You’ll find a wide variety of library-focused jobs through this site and its easy to browse them through your RSS reader.
SLA Career Center: Subscribe to this feed to get research and library science jobs that meet your interests.
GlobalEdge: Find some great listings for academic jobs on this site and sign up to get them delivered to your RSS reader.
H-Net: Sign up for a job feed on this site to get the latest in jobs for humanities and social sciences academics.
Jobs.Ac.UK: This UK-based site focuses on providing listings for jobs in science, research and academics.
AcademicKeys for Engineering: These feeds provide help finding work in academic and teaching positions related to engineering.
BioPortfolio: This site can be an invaluable and convenient resource for those looking to be professors or scientists in biology.

Doctors, nurses and support staff can find great job listings and news in these feeds.

PhysciansEmployment: Doctors around the nation can make the most of this valuable job search feed.
Physical Therapy: Those working in the field of physical therapy can find the job openings they need through this feed.
Hospital Jobs Online: Subscribe to this feed to get the latest on a wide range of jobs in hospitals across the nation.
Foundation Rehab Staffing: Find work in a great rehabilitation facility through the listings from this site.
Intelli-Source: Here you can find feeds and searches for everything... MedicalJobs: You can get a variety of healthcare related job listings delivered to you in RSS form through this site.
AtlasMedical International: If you’re looking for work in the medical profession outside of the US, check out the feed provided by this site.
4NursingJobs: Nurses should check out this feed for loads of nursing job openings.
Healthcare Republic: Find all kinds of healthcare related news, educational opportunities and job listings through this site’s feeds.
StaffPointe: Check out this recruiting company’s site to get jobs as nurses, physicians and other healthcare professions delivered to you in feed form.
NurseRecruiter: Nurses can find all kinds of listings through this feed to help them find jobs that reflect their skills and personal goals.
Reflectx Services: This staffing services company offers feeds for jobs in nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, medical imaging and a variety of other healthcare professions.

Whether you’re a programmer, an IT professional or a web designer, you’ll find plenty of work on these feeds.

devBistro: Subscribe to these feeds for listings by location, keywords or latest jobs.
Perl.org: If you’re looking for work as a Perl programmer, this feed is the place to start.
Slashdot: This popular tech site provides jobs listings as well, with feeds in design, management, networking, programming, and system administration.
SourceForge: While this site mainly focuses on open source downloads, it can also be a great place to look for a job with a number of customized feeds available.
FreshMeat: Programmers, system admins and designers can check out these feeds to find great employment opportunities.
Wired: Wired is a popular tech magazine, online resource and place to look for jobs. Sign up for a feed to get help finding the tech job you’ve been looking for.
SharePoint Reporter: Find jobs working with AJAX, Microsoft products, SQL and more through this site.
TeachEBlog Jobs: This blog is all about the latest tech and gadget news but after you’re done reading it you can also sign up for some great RSS feeds to help you find a new job.
LinuxJobs: Find jobs working with this great open source OS through this feed.
Tom’s Hardware: Programmers and network designers alike can find work through these helpful feeds.
CMC Technical Staffing: Sign up for feeds that are organized by company or job type.
37 Signals: Check out this site and its feeds for jobs programming, designing, administrating and more.
FindaTechJob: Here you can find loads of freelance opportunities and long-term employment for programmers of all kinds.
Aviation and Travel

Travel industry workers can find loads of jobs by signing up for these RSS feeds.

AviationNation: Here you’ll find three kinds of feeds: one for pilots, one for flight attendants and one for other aviation careers.
MaritimeJobs: Find work at sea through this site. You’ll get feeds for jobs on cruise ships, cargo ships, shore side jobs, naval architecture, port work and more.
FliteJobs: Pilots can find work through this site’s RSS feeds as well as other aviation professionals.
FindaPilot: Check out this site for listings for needed flight crew members in various places around the country.
AviationTire: Whether you’re a pilot, airline mechanic, or another member of a flight crew you’ll find helpful listings through this feed.
AviationEmployment: Those looking for work as everything from an aircraft manufacturing technician to a flight attendant can find job listings through this site’s feed.
BootsnAll TravelJobs: Find jobs that will allow you to travel and see the world while making money through this helpful site and feeds.
TravelingCrossing: Here you can find work doing everything from leading tours to booking flights in a convenient feed form.
TruckDriver.com: Truckers can make finding a new job more easy by checking out the listings or signing up for a feed through this site.
AirlinePilotJobs: Find work on a major airline by checking out the listings provided by this site.

Teachers of all kinds can find job listings on these feeds.

ESLemployment: Teachers looking to work in ESL at home and abroad can find loads of job openings around the world through this feed.
EducationJobs: Teachers, administrators and other educational professionals should take a look at the feeds provided by this site when looking for work.
TedJobs: Find work in higher education by checking out the feeds you can subscribe to on this site.
OutdoorEd: If teaching in or about the great outdoors is your thing, get signed up for the feeds offer though this job search site.
Education Jobsite: Customize an RSS feed catered to your education job finding needs through this site.
EducationCrossing: With tens of thousands of education job listings, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs through these helpful feeds.
ESL Job Project: Find listings for ESL jobs around the world through these feeds.
TESall: ESL and EFL teachers will find everything they need to find work in the US and other countries around the world in this site’s feeds and job search capabilities.
Green Jobs

These feeds will help you find environmentally friendly work.

Renewable Energy Jobs: Leave the coal burning behind and find work in the renewable energy sector though this helpful site.
GreenBiz: Focused on all elements of green business, this site is an invaluable resource for job seekers looking for a green job and an easy-to-use RSS feed.
GreenIndustryJobs: Get feed updates on the latest jobs in a variety of green industries through this site.
SustainableBusiness: Whether you’re looking for work in a green business or a socially responsible organization, you’ll find great opportunities through these feeds.
Eco.org: Called the place for everything eco, this site provides loads of information on available eco-friendly jobs which you can get delivered right to your RSS reader.
TreeHugger: This popular green site has a job board which makes it easy to keep up with listings in an RSS feed.
Idealist.org: Find loads of work in the nonprofit, green and sustainable business sectors through the feed provided by this site.
Business and Finance

Find work crunching numbers or selling products with the help of these feeds.

MarketingHire: You’ll get access to thousands of listings for work in marketing through the feed provided by this site.
Seeking Alpha: This site specializes in listings for accounting, finance and investment professionals and you can set up an RSS feed to meet your individual needs.
Sales Recruitment Jobsite: If you’re looking for some work in sales, you’re sure to find some listings that interest you with this site’s feeds.
Finance Jobs: Find work in the field of finance through this site, whether you’re looking for accounting jobs, financial planning or something else entirely.
AccountingCrossing: Accountants looking for a new gig can sign up for an RSS feed on this site.
SalesJobs: Get a new sales job by searching for jobs and signing up for a feed provided by this sales oriented site.
BrandRepublicJobs: This site is an excellent resource for finding jobs in marketing, sales, media and public relations and offers a wide range of RSS choices.
NumericJobs: Find jobs in the direct and online marketing sector through the searches and feeds provided by this site.

These feeds can help you find work in a variety of specialty fields.

Freelancer Jobs Network: Find all kinds of freelance work from consulting to creative services through the postings in this RSS feed.
Building4Jobs: Don’t struggle to find construction work. Instead, sign up for this feed and get jobs brought to you.
ChristiaNet: Users of this feed can get updates on the best Christian jobs out there through this site.
EntryLevelJobsite: Whether you’re fresh out of college or just looking to start a new career at the bottom, you’ll find loads of entry level opportunities on this feed.
EnergyCentralJobs: Find work in an energy-related field by checking out this feed.
CoolWorks: Get a sweet summer job or internship by browsing the listings provided through this site’s RSS feed.
Officer.com: Police officers with a little tech savvy can sign up for this feed and get information about law enforcement jobs.
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