I have recently started a new company, and am looking into an affordable solution. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! My site is www.strategicrecruitinginc.com.



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We looked at a few..

The ones I liked the best were ZenHire and Sendouts, and today we invest in Sendouts. For me what was important was a willingness to allow recruiters to partner seamlessly, to utilize the technology well, and help us produce metrics that help us put folks in the right opportunity.

I just started my company earlier this year. We use Big Biller because it is web based so we can access our secure database anywhere. It is also integrated in the Top Echelon Network of recruiters which maximizes our split opportunities. You can link your website so that candidates can search openings and clients can search hot candidates that you make open to the network. I really like it, and I looked at a lot of these. If you have any other questions shoot them my way... and big congrats on the new company!!
(find out more at- http://www.topechelonnetwork.com/)
There is a link to Big Biller also.

James Crowley
Team Search Inc.
I would suggest that you start by prioritizing what is important in your applicant tracking system. The features vary widely from system to system, and its important to decide (pre-quote) if you are looking for one that is integrated with other systems (HRIS, CRM,etc) or services (background checking, drug testing, behavioral assessments, etc).

There are so many. I use BrassRing now with one of my clients but it is soooo exp and if you are a start up that is not a way to go.

You should check out Resumemate it is pretty good and low cost
We supply eRecruitment and we can work on a fixed price for any number of users.

It is used by over 200 companies across Europe - Danish Railways, Norwegian Postal Service, Oslo Stock Market, Copenhagen Airports, 30 recruitment companies, Krakt, Burger King, Hotels, Nordea Bank uses it in 4 countries with several hundred users and 70 full time daily users.

Take a look at a presentation, it will only cover part of the functionality but give you a good idea. A Web based demonstration can be arranged later - http://partner.hr-manager.net/KalaTechnologies/Demo.html

References available after Demonstrations.

We let the Users speak for the product.
Target Recruit by Avankia
Highly recommended
I recommend Taleo or Success Factor.
I agree with Julia. If you search through the forum posts there have been a number of discussions on ATS and CRM systems. I would come up with a list of your specific "must have" needs and though there are a vast amount of systems available this should shorten your list quickly. What system works great for one person may not be the best fit for another.

I have been using Bullhorn for over a year and have been very happy with it. Josh Logan was/is (still checks in from time to time) the account exec I worked with and he was very helpful walking me through the system. There are some posts and videos posted on the network from both Bill Vick and Jason Davis attending the Bullhorn user conference last month.

I am mac based as well, looking at target recruit which integrates with salesforce.  


any reviews?

Michael -


I reccomend Bigbiller  www.bigbiller.com  for several reasons.


1) its webbased so you can get on from anywhere

2) it is designed for recruiters first - its not a contact managment program that was modified

3) it's easy to use and and their customer service is personal and excellent.

4) last it's affordable...you pay on a monthly basis and it's way less then the others like sendouts or bullhorn


Give Todd Bossler a call there and see for yourself.



We are a small business, so our ATS needed to be affordable while giving us all the features necessary to be efficient and successful.  I did extensive research to find the right ATS for us.  We use Akken and love it!   You can email me if you want more information on the features tlogan@dci-america.com  or you can call them directly.   Ask for Brad Thomassen 603.816.4009, bthomassen@akken.com


I wish you much success!



Wow, dug up from the grave.

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