I am curious which software packages are the most popular amongst members here. I have yet to find a solution I like. The main problem is that it seems like 90% of recruiting software is of the SaaS (software as a service) variety which I can't stand. I don't really like cBizOne as it seems like nothing more than a sophisticated contact database. It does have great resume parsing features though. I think Gopher has an atrocious GUI which I can't even get past to experiment with the functionality. Any others you can recommend that I can try (desktop installation not hosted)?

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Have you tried 3x5 cards lately?
What do 3x5 cards have to do with recruiting software?
It was a joke
Kevin, feel free to look at its very new and was designed for recruiters. True ondemand web-based recruitment software and is doing extremely well in fact is finalist for best technical innovation award for 2008.
Hi Simon,

I can sympathise with your comments. We are not in the "Recruitment" sector, our software products are focused towards temporary staff agencies.

The reason for my comment was that we sell our software on a monthly license fee basis with no upfront costs purely because things seem to change so frequently that all our customers want continuous changes to our product as new legislation comes in, or the way people work changes. So if they were to buy a boxed product, their business would start to struggle after a year as they could no longer support the latest legislative requirements.

Just my two pence worth :)

Good luck in your search!
Broadlook, infogist/Oxygen,resumegrabber,copernic,mailing softwares(look for freeware...many available) or gammadyne .....
I have developed some recruiting software that I am now putting into alpha test. I am looking for someone recruiting for a 200+ person company that may be interested in experimenting.

The goal of the software is to radically improve the quality of submitted resumes.

If you are interested please email me at


What are you looking for the software to do? I use cbiz and love it. It's simple, but that's the beauty of it. It does everything the more complicated ones do, such as bulk mailing to cands/clients, searching the database, downloading hundreds of resumes with one click...

What else are you looking for recruiting software to do?

Hi Kevin,

I think Broadlook software is the single best tool for sourcing. Broadlook Diver costs money and though I hate spending money on this kind of products (since there's so much free stuff out there), I think it's a great value.

Here is a FREE license to the Contact Capture (normally worth around $200 I think) and a free trial of the Diver tool
Diver does parse resumes, too but it does more than just that.

Read more about Diver and see some sample Boolean searches in my last night's blog post

As you, I dislike bad/unconventional/inconvenient UI. (I used to be a front-end software engineer in my past life.) Broadlook products satisfy my taste for a clean UI.

Irina Shamaeva,
Brain Gain Recruiting
office (510) 233-9493
cell (415) 699-9841
View my profile
I like Rithesh's answer below. Some of the items he mentions are good tools. We use a SaaS setup where I work, and I have worked primarily SaaS packages (Bullhorn, Sendouts to name a couple). I would be curious to learn what you choose because a a few independent recruiters have recently asked me this question.
Depends on what you are trying to do. I develop software to help find better candidates, spot opportunities and generally try and allow recruiters to work smarter. That said, it is not for everyone.

I am speaking at the truLondon event next week on this very topic and have written a blog discussing some thoughts.

I develop software to help find better candidates

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