John sumser writes about and Amitai Givertz comments that he thinks it's over. what do you think? Does it even matter anymore?

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Jay Dee I left a comment under Ami's on Rdc. The site had 2 comments yesterday. That's what you'd expect from the average recruiting blog. (Neither Recruiting Animal nor Recruiting had any). So Rdc is sliding but Papa has been away and says he's got plans to counter the slide when he returns.

The question is will Don JGo agree to them? Having worked with you -- and battled with you -- I'm sure that you would have changed the format of the site a few times during your year as manager. The only possible reason you didn't was that you didn't have a free hand.
It's over. The migration to this site is in full throttle
Dave, that is not the case

You might remember me as a former blogger on ERE. I haven't blogged in quite awhile, as I've been focusing on growing my business and making $$$ (which is why they call it work). Anyway - I've been "lurking" in the shadows for the past month or so waiting and watching to see what's happening on Once you started, I thought "game on!" What's Sumser going to do now? I mean, really, the two sites (at the beginning) were almost a mirror of each other. I could find the same blogs referenced on each site. And while you and others might argue that "the traffic" doesn't reflect that people have migrated over here..just wait. They will. I've already noticed more value add than just a blogroll. And..regarding rdc, I'm still wondering why I need someone else to tell me what 5 blogs to read each day. I mean, how does anyone other than me really know what I would find valuable?

Anyway - great job and can't wait to see what you come up with next.



Heather Hartmann, LLC
I'm not sure I said that it was over. I don't think it is.
I think everyone needs to wait and see what does with the new leadership. I am not in anyone's inner circle so maybe you all know more than I do.

Personally I think there are some things the site can do to help recruiters and recruiters that blog.

I love this new site you have and believe this will be a lot of fun to be around. But I also believe it is a place for recruiters who are bloggers. Maybe not so much for the recruiters without blogs.

That is the part with it's domain can still have influence.

I think frequently we all think the only visitors to were bloggers. Jason, maybe you can shed some light on that for us but I am guessing that with all of that searchable content we might have been in the minority.

As for those wondering about Jobster and resources that is too much for me to think about. I would guess though that should not reinvent itself to some degree another site could do the job too. And no, I am not aware of anyone talking about or already working on it.
Karen, you don't need to be a blogger to belong here. lol. I never thought of it that way.

Paul, there were far more visitors daily to than visitors with blogs. Most of the traffic to came from Google because of all of the content.
Jason I owe you an apology…

I overstepped myself with my comment that was just a place for bloggers. Many/most of the early registrants are bloggers and I failed to look at this from a few steps back and see a larger potential.

Chad’s about this being the MySpace for bloggers is a great line.

Karen, in a moment I am going to send you an invitation to be my friend. I have learned quite a bit from your viewpoints. I am happy to see you have your own page here and look forward to “seeing” more of you.

Frankly I look forward to seeing some new voices here and at My frustration with (and no fault to you, Jason) is that it appeared to be taken over by a handful of people and I grew tired of it.

I also believe that is why some are concerned over what the future of that site is. There is a new sheriff in town and I am guessing that some are concerned with how much their voice can/will be heard.

Jason, there are quite a few recruiters here in Minneapolis that I will suggest to that they find their way here. Recruiters who have been interested in blogging but have not taken the plunge. I bet they will enjoy creating a page of their own here, learning from others, and exchanging their stories.
i think the 'recruit-o-sphere' is too small to have a digg like version, which is what rdc has become.

I would appreciate any site/blog that gives original learning for recruiters, and also job seekers. I remember RDC ver 1.0 had these great posts by Anthony and CH (now the RA) on what job seekers should be wearing to interviews ... That may not be interesting to 100 cutting edge recruiters who blog, but that kind of content gets huge traffic and is needed by the general public
thanks guys for giving me something to read while i ate my afternoon snack
Did you bring enough for everyone Kristi???? =P

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