I wanted to let you all know about an exciting addition starting next week on RecruitingBlogs.com

Amitai Givertz is going to be taking on some responsibility here on RecruitingBlogs.com He is going to be implementing what is laid out in this post. It’s going to be good and will help further the vision I have for RecruitingBlogs.com. Thanks Ami from Miami.

This is what is going to happen

1 - An online Radio Show hosted by the Recruiting Animal once a week. Yes he has his regular show but this is going to be a little different. It will be about 20 minutes long and will feature members of RecruitingBlogs.com who have something to promote or something unique to discuss. You see, it makes me crazy when people come on to RecruitingBlogs.com trying to sell something. I’m hoping that this radio show will relieve the need to mow down new joining members with the promise of great wealth in the next 20 minutes.

2 - Dave Mendoza will start doing in depth profiles on members of RecruitingBlogs.com. Once a week RecruitingBlogs.com will feature the member of the week done the way Dave can only do it .If you look at the archive of personality posts Dave has done over the last while, it becomes clear that this “ain’t no passing craze”. Dave has this fascination with people and the recruiting industry and this is going to be a great way to learn a little more about the people in our industry.

3 - Another weekly feature is that John Sumser is going to be writing a weekly post about whatever he wants. I’m sure it will have something to do with recruiting and quite frankly, it doesn’t even matter to me. John is the guy I have learned the most from by far about blogging, social networking, networking and recruiting. He is like a mentor to me and I hope you tune in weekly to read and discuss. He has quite the history when it comes to writing on the web.

4 - What would life be without someone to tell your dirtiest little recruiting secrets to. That’s right we asked Xaviera Hollander to do it but well, we couldn’t afford her so we asked Claudia Faust and she agreed. Let the good times roll. Once a week, week she will set you straight and answer those questions you can’t ask anyone else. I think this is going to be educational and entertaining and I can’t wait.

5 - I have realized in the last few weeks that there is a ton of little conferences and get togethers and things like that for recruiters. Paul DeBettinges is your man to tell this to. He will create and maintain an up to date listing for everyone to see. Once a week he may feature a local recruiting event or we may watch some videos or laugh a little with the help of Jeffrey Radt or maybe we should all just rest.

I hope that you find this to be interesting and a valuable addition to the great content already being generated by everyone. It's amazing how this is growing and I have had some very interesting phone calls and email exchanges with some of the membership. I enjoy them a lot.

Please feel free to contact me or Ami or anyone mentioned in this post about being featured or having something you are working on featured.

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This is a nice mix. Congrats on figuring out some ways to give something extra, now that you've got such a large number of members! This may help address the usage/attrition problem that many other niche virtual communities suffer after the initial big wave.
What a great addition. The RecruitingBlogs is developing into one of the best hubs for the recruiting industry.


Bryan Starbuck

Looking forward to this. It sounds like fun. I am new to this so want to know what i can do to make this work for me and others. Any ideas?

David Edwards - UK
Sounds Great! I look forward to a great 2008!
Great job! I can't wait for next week!

Joni Fisher
WOW! I'm very excited to hear about all of the exciting things happening on recruitingblogs!

Take care!
Xaviera Hollander - do people out there really even know who she is? good segue!
Geez, this sounds like crap to me. Except for one thing. Xaviera Hollander, The Happy Hooker. Is Claudia a h**ker too? Answering questions from a bunch of p**ps.

Exciting stuff, will be looking forward to it. See you in San Diego.

Ami is really the guy who is going to make this happen and it was Ami and John who both suggested that I need to start thinking about these kinds of things.

I am happy to see comments on this post and happy they are positive so far. Some times it doesn't go that way.
Hi Slouch
You continue to bring in the goods! as others have said it is a fantastic jump ahead for Recruitingblogs and the timing is perfect to maintain the fantastic momentum this network already has a reputation for.
I just wonder how Claudia feels coming a close second to Xaviera Hollander?? I really look forward to the superb additions with some awesome people in the industry contributing, Congratulations!
Very exciting!

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