Clarification: I'm talking cranial hair - you guys are terrible!

So do bald people make better recruiters or sourcers?

What if you're simply on your way to being bald? (this is a gender-neutral question) :)

What if said recruiter or sourcer was bald by birth?
How about if they would be bald, but choose to shave their heads? (I believe I may fall into this category!)
What if they should shave their heads as opposed to exhibiting their current level of baldness? (Ladies, you know the male look I'm talking about!)

If so, does head-shine come into play? Sometimes when I meet local female candidates, they ask if they can rub the baldness . . . while guys say, "bro, what do you put on your head to make it shine like that?"

Ok, so maybe I was born with a sales skill or two, but I've actually made hires and closed deals using my baldness. I mean that - it's truly possible.

For you PhDs' out there, is there a direct correlation at play between the baldness of a Recruiter and Sourcer and the coinciding engagement levels (not just QOH) of the candidates that are hired as a result of their efforts?

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Just saw your pic in Fast Company, my question to you would be: How has facial hair effected placements? Good ole Jeff Skrentny has made the combination work well!

I think I would trust the picture of you in Fast Company over your picture here(just a comment, not a come-on or trash talk;)
Jonathon, thanks for the heads up. I think I'm going to now change it as you're definitely not the first person to say that. Seriously, thanks for the intel.

As for facial hair, I don't know if it's helped or not. As you may know, once you let it grow, it's tough to go back. You feel like a 12-yr old when you cut it off . . . although you don't look like one :)
Sweet, now you can capitalize on the exposure through the article. Although, I think you need to look no further than slouch/jeff davis to realize not to judge a book by it's cover. Or in this case, a persons character by a picture on their online profile.

I do agree with the you, coming out of a 3-4 day weekend it's hard to shave, I've looked 12 my whole life and a little scruff seems to give me a little confidence:) "Hello Mr CFO, yea I'm almost 40, can't you tell by my beard"

Enjoy your comments!
I just put up a 'dorky', Sat-morning (hangover, of course) smiling t-shirt pic - let me see how this shakes out :)
OK I like this one, big smile, very inviting and approachable!

Looking forward to hearing about the difference it makes.
Great point, Rayanne :) So I guess a toupee (sp?) wouldn't be my cup of tea with candidates ? :P

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