Hi everyone,

Just a quick question for all of the recruiting blog members...

How and where do you go for information regarding applicant tracking systems?

Many thanks in advance!

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does anyone else use other softwares besides cats, PC or cerdian??? I'm trying to figure out what to bring into my firm because what we have now is very basic.
Hey Ryan - www.talenttech.com - Hiredesk, check it out. Web based app, accessible from anywhere.. we use it.
We use Bullhorn - its brilliant!
I have been using Sendouts for at least 5 years, maybe 6. $100 a month may seem like a lot but all these years never an issue. Never been down. Not once. No data issues. Has more features than I can/want to use.

So I guess over the years I have spent 1/2 of a fee. I will do it again for the next years too. The peace of mind I have had is priceless.

I do have second place and it was mentioned before, CATS. Asim Baig is a Minneapolis guy and he has a great reputation building software.

I would be happy to refer you to either if you are looking for a contact. And no, I do not get anything for the referral.
Sonia - is this for inhouse? Assuming so with this response. There used to be reports by vendor - check ERE for the last one done. Keep in mind that the best don't always come through on these..why, I don't know. Here's a few things to keep in mind that I've found helpful.

WetFeet Recruiter used to be the best, in my opinion from use/experience, but they were recently acquired by Taleo. From past experience and ongoing discussions - I have not reviewed specific vendor products recently, the best of the best are Taleo and Virtual Edge. A few considerations - (1) is the vendor the right cultural fit for your company - if they were an employee, would you hire them? (2) are they flexible and do they want to understand your biz needs or do they presume to know all and that you should change to fit their product? (3) Does the product effectively balance the needs of stakeholders - recruiters, job seekers, IT? (4) how much of what is offered will be used now and in the future - are you over paying for the bells and whistles that don't add value to your solution needs and/or will the product be able to meet your needs in the future to support growth? (5) how good is the reporting feature? Are reports easy to generate, customizable and able to deliver meaningful data? (6) experience the product through the eyes of the job seeker. Visit sites using different systems, apply to jobs (i usually put Test as the name so not to waste anyones time) and see how you like the experience. This won't answer the back end questions but give you a good feel for the system overall. (7) last and most important - if the vendor demos for you, make it your demo.

Happy to discuss with you further offline as well. Good luck!!
Speak directly with the vendors. Ask for a product tour. Check out blogs, discussions on linked In and ask your friends in the industry!

We use Bullhorn. Its fantastic... www.bullhorn.com
If you want a best of bread check connexys (www.connexys.nl). I always advise to work with integrated HR software, especially if we are talking about e-recruitement. At this moment SAP offers the best and most integrated solution
Hiredesk is a great tool. I have had the opportunity to use the tool at several different employers and I have nothing bad to report. The resume mirror tool is great to save on time and effort for the admin side of things.

I have used Deskflow quite a bit and am very impressed with it. It is a monthly fee per license so if you have a lot of users it could add up. Lots of features, excellent resume parsing and great links to outlook.

If you have any specific questions please let me know.

Deskflow's website is: http://www.workflowint.com/

I notice some people here use Hiredesk would be interested in your impressions good and bad about the system.
I also use PCRecruiter - it is the best!
Did you happen to get any resposes about SAP e-recruit or Stepstone? I would be curious to hear about these 2 vendors.
we use open source software called CATS. I have found it to be 90% of the effectiveness of the more expensive tools. Where bullhorn, PC recruiter, and others are very good is with the reporting tools. If you are currently using any systems like Broadlook or others, check their partner lists to see how they interface.

It is just a database, not magic beans. You want good search capabilities, ease of adding information,

some are designed for in house recruiters, some are designed for 3rd party direct hire and some you can't really tell who their audience is. Make sure you make a checklist of the things you need in a system before you talk with people or you won't end up comparing apples to apples.

Finally, remember that most systems now have web interfaces that allow you to get started pretty cheaply. They make it up in charging you for memory as you grow so pay attention to the details.

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