Hi everybody! Let's list our best candidate excuses for no-showing the interview!

1. The infamous train strike/crash/disappearance that never appears in any news reports.
2. "I had nothing to wear"
3. "My boss told me not to" (I kid thee not)
4. Our dear old friend the "tried to call you but my cell phone blah blah blah"
5. Couldn't find the building

Come on folks, there must be many more, I know you want to rant!

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my candidate said he couldn't lift his arms
My candidate said she was quitting the industry she was in and going to work part time because she didnt' want to have to work so hard anymore (long hours etc). OMG oh and she is still at the full time 14 hour a day job she was when I first talked with her. UGH!
I had a candidate that said " I started driving to your building but then I didn't bring the directions so I just turned around and decided not to come. I also forgot your cell phone number so I couldn't call you." That's the best one so far.
My 2 cents.

First of all 90% won't return your calls/e-mails., the other 10%.......

1. Met with an accident on my way.
2. Family Emergency.(Mom/Dad is in Critical Condition.)
3. My close one died., I need to flyback to my home country.
4. Better offer.
5. Better Location.

Best Wishes,
Tektree Gopi.
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Do you mean literally no-showing? Or cancelling last minute? Luckily I don't remember having any no-shows, but did recently have a candidate email me on a Sunday night confirming her agenda for the next day, and then that next morning emailing me again to say she had a migraine and needed to cancel and 'in the wee-hours of the night' she decided to put her job search on hold and move out of state.

My guess is a relationship suddenly ended and she was quite literally going to move on!
Hi Pam,

Have you ever worked on Contingency Contract placement?. It's a part of day-to-day life in Contingency recruiting.

As well, Please send me a Linkedin invite @ [ gopi@tektreesystems.com ] if we are not already connected. I'm open networker and I believe in helping all my connections to reach out to more possibilities (either career or business) by linking to more people.

Tektree Gopi.
One that would be funny would be the candidate pretending that he/she did show up even though he/she did not.

I am a contingency recruiter, not contract though, just direct placement.


You are lucky not to be a Contingency Contract Recruiter.

Emergency in India.
I have had candidate's say the following:

I had an 'emergency' last minute meeting
It just didn't "feel" right
I don't know if I am ready to leave this job now
What if my current employer can't replace me
The best execuse that i came across was a candidate saying to me that
"My brother got shot yesterday and i am at his place, so wont be able to make it back to Richmond till next week. And the next week we came to know from arrest inquiry website that he was arrested for Possession of Drugs, on the day of his interview"

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