Well folks it's been 6 long months since I opened the door to my nice new office here in Orlando, FL and well...I see it coming to a close right before my eyes. With thousands and thousands gone for websites, rent and supplies here I am humbled.

There was a time when making $100k was fun and challanging but in the end you got your placements..now an experienced person in the staffing & recruiting game for the past 9 years and well.....I have nothing.

More and more people have fallen off, clients aren't responding and well...the economy sucks.

I am sitting here in my nice office as we speak thinking about what should have been and the reality of what now is and how I have now squandered my savings to do something I have always wanted to do at the worst possible time to do it.

Now I need to face the realization that I can no longer afford school for my daughter, my car or my rent..let along my cell phone.

Where do you go from here and with nothing...how the hell do you get there?

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We have used Bounty Jobs but this is really the extent of what our "Splits" are. I would love to be able to partner with a trustworthy firm in order to make things happen. If anyone knows of anyone open to doing splits please let me know, I am all ears!

I would like to work from home, I currently have a recruiter working for me as well at a base of 30K which makes the possibility of home...not so possible.
These are contingent searches. The 2 companies just didn't appear to have our fee in the budget (that's what I figure).

I'd love to have access to the clients database but thats unlikely, they tell us to simply submit names before we send over the resumes...but what are we suppossed to do...not speak with the candidates and just keep sending names...C'mon.
Are they hiring the candidates and just not paying?
No, we follow up with the candidates to make sure they are not back dooring us.

Rob Dromgoole said:
Are they hiring the candidates and just not paying?
Sounds to me like HR is torpedoing the relationship. You're in good with the client, manager is happy, providing great fits, but there's HR, using their ATS as a shield and trying to block everything. Think that's it? If so, the key is whether or not HR is delivering the talent they need. If not, the client should be willing to move/pull the trigger on this. If you presented them the perfect candidate, would they pull the trigger and pay you? If the answer is no, what's there?

If you haven't made placements in the past six months, then I'd start by eliminating the recruiter and his 30k base salary. If you are contingency, you don't have to pay a base anyway, do 100% commission, that's more the norm. But, regardless, I wouldn't be spending money on staff if you aren't generating income for yourself. Get rid of this person, or change their compensation and you can both work out of your home.

Just my two cents.

Also, it sounds like you may want to qualify your searches a little better. The two companies that put your searches on hold 'just didn't appear to have your fee in the budget.' that doesn't add up. If the fee isn't budgeted for, why are they working with you?

I agree with Maureen, push back early in the process. You're better off to get an answer you don't like at the beginning, before you invest time and energy only to discover it's not a 'real' search.
I second Pam.
What has me scratching my head here Michael -is the remark "that's what I figure" assuming the fee was not in the budget.

I'm sorry - but some information is just plain CRITICAL to the success of a recruiter. Making assumptions about the critical things is now way to manage yourself toward success.

Are you asking the client? If so - when you say "why are you stopping the process?" what do they say? Do they say "Well Michael - we're not going to tell you." which is kind of the feeling I am getting here. Or are they responding in ambiguous terms like "it's just not justifiable right now" ?

Are you asking these questions to a person on the phone? OR are these emails they sent and they've cut you off from live discussion?

I think the heart of the issue here - and yes indeed it's time for some tough love - is that you are not in the same plane of reality that your client is in. You are not having real discussions with them and I'm guessing you sense that you better "tiptoe" with these very few chances to make any money right now.

The truth of the matter is exactly the opposite in my opinion. This is no economy to cross your fingers and hope. Hope has absolutely zero value in our business. You need FACTS.

I second Jerry. Tough love is...uhhhh...tough. But it's better than not knowing.
Unfourtunetly once we were told that, communication pretty much ceased. We have followed up but we have not heard anything from the clients either on the phone or electrnically.

It hurt to lose those placements but more importnatly, we have not been able to get a foot in the door one way or another with our targets. We have seeked alternatives but it seems that it's just not happening for us.

What really puts a thorn in my side is the fact that I know the jobs are there (per-diem/temp) because I see our competitors posting for them consistently.

This isn't so much about recruiting as it is about sales, we need the orders before we worry about the recruitees.
Sorry to hear about your situation. If you are in the biz for 9 years I am sure you will find lots of stuff to do. If we can be of help let me know. We are working on some splits and can do a semi split if it interests you
My hunch is that you may be standing too firm on your "niche'. I am a big advocate of the niche, but in these economic times, might I suggest opening up your base?

I have 12 years of IT recruiting experience, I worked in IT before that, I am a niche recruiter. And while I haven't stopped working in my niche, I have also taken on all sorts of additional positions this year. I can learn something new, it may hurt your brain at first and you may be a little slower to catch on to it, but give yourself a day or two and you will be surprised how fast that can change.

And if this helps, we are doing well because we are staying nimble.

Michael Fortin said:
I think that if we could make 3-4 solid placements anywhere from 12-15k a piece we would be good. Even if we could get some temp/per-diem billing we would be good.

Did I mention we only do Healthcare and Dental?

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