We are currently exploring implementing an applicant tracking system for our firm. What are some systems that your companies are using? What are some specific features/aspects of the system that you are using? What is your overall thoughts about how it has helped/hindered your recruiting processes?

I would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you!

Melanie Ditore
Recruitment Manager
Greeley and Hansen

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Hi Melanie,
You might want to have a look at Smartrecruiters - It is 100% free (for ever, no limitations) - www.smartrecruiters.com
Hi Melinie,
This should help you .....

There are other end number of posts on ATS in here, try searching for them as well.

Hey Kay,

Thanks so much! I'll check those out.

don't miss the avature folks, sponsorship at RBC is a generous thing they do. I've seen a demo of the tool and it is very flexible.
There is also Cbiz and Zoniac. Good luck!
Talk to Sofia at Blackdog about Gopher. She's awesome! And the product is darn good too!


I am trying to get her to join our community so everyone can get to know her.
Hello Melanie,

My company provides an ATS by the name of Adapt. If you have time for a call, I'd love to hear more about your needs as it pertains to your ATS selection. I have personally worked with over 200 firms over the last 5 years so I might be able to provide some helpful insight into your process. Please feel free to give me a call at 800.882.2663. I hope to hear from you!

Take care,

Chris Kennedy
Bond International Software, Inc.
Hi Melanie,

What you don't want is too much complexity in your solution. An ATS choice is based on the volume of resumes you receive daily, the number of people involved in the process, and the total amount of traffic you have or need to generate. You can end up spending too much on an ATS if you only need to hire for a few jobs. Only buy what you need. Some free systems may be free, but are they easy to use? Think about what you need. Do you need things like "sourcing strategy" and "candidate pipelines"? Or do you just need to easily review resumes?!

Our product, The Resumator, enables you manage jobs and review resumes in a paperless environment. The system also has a built-in job board recommendation engine which helps you find unfamiliar boards that provide the most bang for your dollar.

The most important aspect of our product is its simplicity—Google The Resumator and you'll see reputable reviewers, including CNET and ReadWriteWeb agree that our system is just drop dead simple, yet robust.


I think there are a lot of factors you need to consider first:

1. What is your budget?
2. What do you need the system to do?
3. Can you try the system before you buy? (Because you won't really know until you try it)
4. Is it more for recruiting, or for applicant management, or both?

I work with iApplicants, so we provide a solution in this area, but the reality is you have to truly think about these questions before deciding.

The reason our clients like our system is it was designed for smaller organizations (less than 2000 employees, 50% of our clients are between 50-500). They don't have to change their process based on our software because the software adapts to each client in a different way (probably one of the most flexible ones I have ever seen). We have features that can be turned "on" or "off", depending on what you need.

It also provides a career portal for applicants to apply online, giving you exposure to major search engines. Since we design it after your own website, it has the right look and feel that you will need. It tracks candidates and EEOC (and much more), and is very simple and very user-friendly. You can edit and update the website itself very easily, including the jobs, your departments or divisions, applicant status etc, and we build custom reports for our clients so they can track what they want to track.

So that is a little about us, but I would say talk to someone and narrow it down to what you really want to accomplish and see if it is going to be a fit.

I wish you luck in your search!

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