I missed working this weekend. I know, I must be nuts. But during the course of a weekend filled with unexpected events and neglected opportunities, I missed the scheduled maintenance that my work week provides. My work days don't always go as planned, but they are usually defined by a beginning and an end with a very busy and structured middle. I think it was the crunchy middle that I missed.

Now don't get me wrong, a work day can certainly be filled with crisis. But for one reason or another, it is always manageable. I am able to handle the printer and it's depleting ink supply or the packet that never arrived at its intended destination. I am able to maintain my composure when speaking with supplier who refuses to remove a charge for an item never received. I am able to answer questions about passwords and invalid email addresses when a client is unable to access their social media profiles. These are all within the grasp of my manageability.

Work provides the structure necessary for success, if you let it. That is a big if. Many are unable to set up enough structure and then stick to it, in order to keep their companies and careers on track. Having my calendar is front of me and a project management system in place is my idea of a work-day heaven. Imagine how ecstatic I would be if I had an assistant always telling me what to do and when to do it. Sheer heaven.

The structure of the week prepares me very little for the upheaval that takes place during the weekend. I am sure there is a twelve-step program for my kind somewhere -- I sat in the top row of a dark theater during a performance on Sunday and checked emails, text messages and voicemails. Yes, I know it was Sunday. And yes, there were emails to check. A friend of mine said to me later, "You are addicted." I guess there are worse things to which I could be addicted.

OK, so I missed work. Is that such a bad thing? How many people hate their jobs and the people with whom they work? I am sure the number is very high and I am glad to not be a part of that statistic. My work is my life. It makes me happy and it pays the bills - most of the time. It is satisfying and helpful - most of the time. It brings me structure and experience - all of the time.

What more could an independent, self-reliant, and stubborn girl want? Well, I mean besides chocolate.

by rayannethorn


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Well said, I am one of the few as well. I do love my job and I love working and feel a bit lost on the weekends. I always find things to get done, but as you said, the structured work week is a plus!!

Thanks for the insight, Rayanne!

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