I just got an email from someone promoting their overseas recruiting services and in the email they said that over 90% of all US recruiters operate from India. Is that true?


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Hey J ...

Quite a few big firms have outsourced their Recruitment function ... But 90% ... That number is not accurate...


Naw, just seems like it due to all the emails i get that start out.  Hello valued business partner, i have 542,000 contractors available to work for your clients.  Just email me back and i can have them at your office tomorrow morning ready to work.  If i don't hear back from you i will keep sending emails until you either hire my contractors or learn to hate me with a passion.  If you don't want my contractors perhaps if you will send me the cost of transfer via your bank account we will be able to partner on my father's legacy of 2 million dollars that has been hidden in a foreign bank.   After i receive your bank information i will look forward to a prosperous partnership.  90% of my father's legacy will be yours. 


Percentages always did make me nervous. 

IBM outsourced all of the recruiting functions (in Canada) to India a few years back.  I'm not surprised at this at all.


They are now hiring locals back again.

Must be a bollywood story..just kidding. That number looks clearly exaggerated. It could be 90 percent of recruiting firms have some presence in India.

No way.
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.
No idea  I am in the USA

My husband is in IT/Software industry and he gets SCADS of calls from Indian recruiters.  You know, a US telephone number and when you pick up the phone you hear a pause a beep for connections then a indian voice speaking to you over the ocean.


However, I don't know anyone who has ever been placed by an indian recruiter - in India. Plenty of people have been placed by Indian recruiters in North America. 


The fact is at least in what I have experienced the Indian recruiters - in India are at a real disadvantage.  They don't understand the geography, they don't understand much to be honest and they don't seem good at reading resumes. 

We live in Texas and my husband would get calls for jobs in another metro area a few hundred miles away and then the recruiter is shocked that he can't make that commute.    I can see where these recruiters might be usefull if you are going for certain kinds of  positions perhaps but I personally don't feel like they are competition for what we do. 

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