I am noticing that more candidates are becoming less willing to receiving inmails on Linkedin.  I have also noticed that more candidates are willing to list their twitter accounts on their linkedin profiles.  What has been your success rate with connecting with candidates via twitter when the Linkedin inmails aren't working? If this is happening, isn't this just additional proof that Linkedin is loosing some if it's prestige  that it once had?

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Interesting points. I agree on the LinkedIn comments. The avg. time is about 2 1/2 weeks for a response to Inmail across the LinkedIn network if at all. LinkedIn has become over saturated with recruiters bothering people. 

Ryan- Wow!  That is a statistic I haven't heard before.  That is amazing.  My success rate with Linkedin inmails with Sales and Marketing roles is very high.  I would say anyone who isn't open to listening, who is in a sales role may be hurting themselves in the future.  That being said, however, when it is a technical role, my success rate is much lower.  I agree- they do feel like they are getting bothered.  I am very interested to see what others say about tweeting to technical people and if that is less invasive.  

Not commenting as a candidate or recruiting professional using LI inmail, just simply a long time LI user that receives far more messages than anyone can realistically keep up w/ in any given week. 

I've gotten to the point of automatically deleting any LI related messages that come through email. I do my best to log on to the site once or twice per week, time permitting, to review and respond to any messages and invites, but it is really low priority, back burner unless an obvious need from someone I know personally and admire. 

For the past several years, LI has been overtaken by undesirables of all persuasions. 

That said, I check and reply to DMs on twitter far more frequently. Probably 2-4 times daily. Again, this is my personal - non-professional - take on interactions between the sites. 

KB @TalentTalks 

Hi Kelly- Thank you for the response. Agreed.  I probably receive 10-20 invitations on any given week which are people trying to connect with me for no reason, no explanation, and even after I ask them why they want to connect they won't reply.

It is a shame, really.  Linkedin is a terrific tool, but I am begining to see the slow death of a great concept.  It is interesting to me that you check your Twitter more often.  I never thought I would see the day that would happen. 

A 2 1/2 week turnaround on responses is astounding to me.  2 1/2 weeks in a recruiters world is too long.  There is demand to fill positions much faster than that, and by the time they get around to responding, recruiters will have moved on to the next role.

I am still a huge linkedin fan.  I really don't know what the future brings though.  The whole endorsement thing still has me baffled.  I just don't get it. 

Hi Will,

I have seen an INCREASE in responses to InMails actually, but if you are finding the opposite, Twitter can be a second outlet. The most important thing to remember though is to reach your prospect audience WHERE they are online. If you are sourcing quality marketing or tech candidates, Twitter is a great "venue,"  though other industries may not be as fruitful and visible on Twitter. If your audience is on Twitter, make it a point to engage in the conversations they are already having, real time. Retweet, share, and ask questions. In this way, you build your credibility in that space as an industry resource, making them more likely to reach out to you.

Conversely, those prospective audiences who don't normally engage on Twitter may in fact be having conversations on LinkedIn Groups or other sites. Again, "hang out" online where they hang out. The more you know about your target, the warmer the lead is. It does indeed take time, but the relationships you build are stronger.

Twitter is a great lead generator; and I've had success with it. Actually, Twitter is the reason I have my job right now - I tweeted about my job search and a recruiter found me. Best of luck!

Ashley- that is a terrific point.  I don't know many people that aren't on linkedin anymore.  That being said, that isn't where everybody "hangs out".  I think you are correct by saying different audiences hang out in different spaces.  Twitter is where more and more people communicate today. Thanks for the comment!

I work with an IT staffing agency and we use twitter to post new job openings which is a very effective way of connecting with our followers. We post new jobs regularly and they appreciate the updates. We don't post 'fluff' and waste people's time.

Thanks for the response.  Can you tell me how often you post jobs on Twitter and what times of day seem to work best for you.  Do you have a pretty good following on Twitter?  I believe more Engineering and Technical people do "hang out" on Twitter (as to Ashley's great response).  I just wanted to know for rate of return.

I'm sure this person at "IT Staffing" can provide further insight but if I may...I've been reading that posting on Twitter between 1-3 pm earlier in the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) yields more traffic (though we are still evolving when it comes to social media posting at optimal days and times) and more likelihood of shares. At the end of the day though, it comes back to your audience and where your audience hangs out. It makes sense that IT focused staffing firms would have success in sourcing through Twitter because the audience is there, they are engaged there. Too,  credibility (such as, number of followers and quality of unique content tweeted) plays a role in the audience you attract.

I used to work for a recruiting software company and now am the in-house Social Media Consultant for a small but established recruiting agency in Boston. I am literally sitting in the seat I am now because of Twitter. Someone from my current employer had sourced me on Twitter. The proof is in the pudding and it's totally possible!!

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