Below is a conversation i just received from a Sr. CFO candidate.  This is what happens when inexperienced little girls do key word searches and can't read a resume.



I just got a call from (company name removed to protect the mentally deficient) in Irvine, California. Doing a search for a Manager of Financial Reporting. I told the recruiter that this really wasn't in my "strike zone," even though I believe I have the ability to do the job, but I'm a CFO.


She kept talking.


She disclosed that the job was in (city removed) I asked, "Is this XYZ Company?"


Long pause.




I used to be the CFO of XYZ Company. In fact, I was the first CFO of XYZ Company and took the company public.


Oh. I guess I missed that on your resume. Does that mean you're not interested?


Weird phone call.


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Sandra, This put a smile on my face during the boring hours of work, so on behalf of everyone who read it, we thank you! 
Always, always do the homework before making the initial contact whether that's looking at a Resume or reading up their LinkedIn account. The candidate will be more willing to offer information if they have realise that you have already invest time into them. 
Knowing their passed experience and background can go a long way, and sometimes will give you something to relate to with a candidate. 

I blame the hiring company, not the recruiter.

Nice thought Mitch and I know where you are coming from but as a practical matter how does a company know what or how the agents of their agents are recruiting or what they are saying to individual candidates. Unless a candidate, such as this one, picks up the phone and complains to the hiring company they have no way of knowing.

While all companies should do their due diligence, insist that certain practices should or should not be implemented they have no control or knowledge of how the individual recruiter may be interacting with potential candidates.

Hiring companies only know if they get qualified candidates. If they do they measure successful recruiting as receiving those candidates that enable a hire and of course those candidates will normally be pleased with the recruiter who opened the door.

These examples are why I don't talk to 'recruiters'/'headhunters' who have less than three or so years of experience. I say this since after I went out on my own I was receiving calls from newbies, asking for advice on how to be successful in our business.

As Mr. Lee said, the key here is in Training and also having management that knows when no matter how much training is administered, some of these clueless beings need to be terminated and released back into the sea.

The real crime here is as everyone here knows already- these dimwits only make our jobs harder.

If for no other reason than the amount of time we spend apologizing for these clients' last contact by these dysfunctional types.

I knew things were only going to get worse when back in 1981 or so I was hearing Employment Agency staff calling themselves 'recruiters'.

Whomever planted that bad seed ought to be identified and flogged.

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