It's almost that time of year for client gifts. As a foodie, I've always been drawn to food related gifts, things that the office can share.

So, my question for corporate recruiters who have received holiday gifts from vendors, what did you enjoy the most?

For recruiters too, any tips on gifts you've given that have been especially well received?

One tip I'll share, especially if you are thinking of a food gift, don't shoot for delivery too close to Christmas or you run the risk of people either not being there due to days off, or issues with delivery due to weather or general crunch time business. I sent steaks one time and two clients received the packages late and the ice had melted and food had to be thrown out. The company sent replacements out immediately, but still...


Please share any suggestions you might have!




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Anyone??? Beuller???

I send poinsettas to each department with some clients.  Bottles of wine in Christmas holders to some internals if i know they enjoy wine.  One year i baked 50 pies, put them in those cute ceramic pie covers and had them delivered to individual hiring managers. (I won't do that again).  Ham and Cheese trays, baskets of cookies, 20 pizzas served in the lobby at noon by a high school group of choir students who sang carols to raise money for their choir trip was well received.  A really cute Christmas Elf who delivered bottles of champagne to a lot of my docs along with a person who took their picture with the elf was a fun one and much enjoyed by the docs.

Hi Pam - the ones that have seemed popular based on recipient's feedback are:  Cheryl's Cookies, Harry&David, Wolferman's English Muffins, and Omaha Steaks.

Neat ideas, Sandra! Not sure if I have time or energy this year, but maybe your ideas will give me inspiration when I plan for next year!



Great ideas thank you, particularly like the champagne Elf!



Thank you. I'm not familiar with Cheryl's Cookies, will check that out. Love the others. :)

Pam - one year when I was still an agency recruiter we sent cookie cards - a couple of clients we were really close to we put both logos on them (ours and theirs). They were pretty tasty too!

The Elf was a fun production.  She was introducded by three carol singing little elves in green suits who came into the office ringing sleigh bells, singing and spraying Christmas room spray.  She was in a short little Santa costume with her bottle of champagne follwed by Mr. Santa with a camera. 

 We were a little concerned about office disruption or patients who might be in the waiting room so the elves brought a tray of cookies that they passed out to everyone while the doc was getting a peck on the check and his picture taken.  It worked so well that some of the office staff wanted their pictures taken too and some of the patients. 

 We emailed pics back to the offices each afternoon.  It took a whole week.  Then we started getting calls from other doctors who wanted to know if we would do their christmas  promotion gifts.  I may have missed an opportunity to be a PR firm but we elfed out.  It generated enough interest that we got a 5:00 o'clock news blip and it was fun for everybody.



Those cards look fun!



Have you done that since? Or was it a one time only Elf thing? :)



A lot of my clients cannot accept any gifts – food or otherwise.
I use to bake cookies all weekend and then spend a day delivering dozens of cookies to all my clients. One year I was sick and didn't do it and had clients calling wondering where their cookies were!
I paint watercolor cards for my clients. I start in August creating a card specific for each company and hiring manager. Been doing that for over 15 years. I'm sure they're works of art! lol!!

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