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Two Issues:


I am a Tech Recruiter and I am having a difficult time getting on potential companies vendors list.   I am always told that there vendors list is filled or that they have a long waiting list of vendors and can not accept any additional vendors.   


 I currently focus on perm recruiting and would like to expand to consulting and contract positions but  the majority of my clients only use me to recruit for perm positions.


Is there any way of getting around these two obstacles?  Any feedback provided would be greatly appreciated!


Simone Yard




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How are you approaching these companies?

My colleague just shared this article on this topic. I think you will find this helpful. If you send your email address to jnorene@haleymarketing.com I will forward it to you. For some reason I can not post a link here.

Thanks, Jennifer


I am eager to see responses on this topic also;  jnorene@haleymarketing.com   I too owould like to see the articl you are referring to.  can you please email it to me also.

Thanks yvette


This is just a standard roadblock that people use for it makes them comfortable rather than telling you that they don't use or prefer not to pay fees. Ultimately you need to get to the decision makers

When hit with the "sorry - you're not on our vendor's list" - perhaps it's them telling you "I don't see any particular reason to use your service."  - - - - which very well may be the case.  (Not directed at you personally Simone.)


If you were hounded by recruiters day in - day out - what would you do?  Would you go ahead and sign up every one that called?  I wouldn't.  Who would have that kind of time?  A few of my "real life" friends are in HR.  The stories they tell are quite insightful.  One in particular told me that each time she posts a new job on Careerbuilder she has to put her phone on Do Not Disturb for a few days.  In her estimation she gets over 50 calls from recruiters each time.  And it's always the same thing.  "Hi Sally.  I'm ________ with ________.  I just happen to be representing someone with _____________ background (same as job order) and wanted to discuss them with you."


How much of that could you personally take before you MUST find something that helps you shut it all down?  I'd do the same thing.  "Sorry - but we've decided on our vendor list for this year.  Please send me your info and we'll take a look."


Do you offer anything new?  Is your presentation something they really should consider?  Does your service offer something the last caller (and the next caller) doesn't offer?


You don't "get on the vendors list" per se.  You must somehow, some way "earn" your place there.  If your presentation sounds anything like "I would like to know if I can play too..." then you really shouldn't expect much.  Again - I'm not directing this at Simone necessarily.   Just throwing my 2 cents in for the general topic.


Or just work with smaller companies that don't have any particular list of agencies. 

Hello Simone,


I understand your frustration. Lots of good information has already been posted. I get on preferred vendors lists quite frequently and that is not always the answer to getting the business. Especially in the current (but rapidly changing) hiring climate. But it may get you a call when they have a need that is in your wheelhouse. 


First, getting on the list. The most determined wins! A little research can go a long way.  Find how you fit their business. Present information to them. "I know I would be a great addition to your vendor list because I .....". As previously mentioned, many of your POCs get a lot of calls. You must stand out and be better. Spend 20% of your time developing you. 


Have some good questions - You know the vendor list objection is coming. Have follow-up questions ready. How is the performance of this list measured? How often do you refresh this list? Status Quo is never a good strategy, when are you reviewing? Stuff like that.


Being a successful recruiter is simply mastering a few fundamentals. Become great at what you do and people will call you and never mention a list. That's when you are at the top of the list. 


On offering other business avenues. You may be working with contacts who only handles permanent placement. Ask for referrals to the others hiring areas. I focus on doing one thing really well; but have seen the advantages of a diversified business. 


Happy Hunting! 









the best way to get on a list is to take them someonethey need and you get moved to th top very fat. Look t the types of peoplethey hire. Go get a few with that top skills and go market them to those companies.
Talk to the decision maker, present your qualifications well.
Yes, C. B. Stalling!!, good way to open the door.



I second all the good recommendations & suggestions made here by: Jennifer, Nate, Jerry, Bobby, C. B. and Suzanne.


I'll assume your tracking fresh job postings and cold calling into whomever and asking for a shot.  Yes?  No? 


If, "Yes", start tracking jobs that seem to be floating as "open" for longer than two-three weeks--particularly jobs that get re-posted.  This may be an indication of "trouble in filling" a hard-to-fill job--which also indicates that their current vendor list is not coming through. 


Here is where you actually make the observation via phone, or email, or in person that:  "Dear Recruiter/Staffing Manager/Hiring Manager (whomever you can ID):  I've noticed a re-post of this "hard-to-fill" position for your company and suspect that you may need additional help in sourcing a stronger slate of candidates.  While I am not on your APPROVED VENDOR LIST for Search Agencies--please consider me as a possible exceptional exception to your approved list policy.  I've sourced and placed candidates in this discipline as recent as__________ for ______(if true).  I know I can hit the ground running if given an opportunity to prove myself."


Sometimes an "Approved List" excuse fades away if results aren't forthcoming.  If you get the opportunity and prove yourself--you will have another heightened reference point of performing under pressure to share with hard-to-dazzle keepers of the Approved List of Search Agencies.


Buena Suerte



Great discussion! Thanks to everyone who responded...I always learn something new.

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