Our recruiting company is discussing outsourcing our name gathering function. Can anyone tell me how outsourcers charge for their services?

I have read that some services charge by the hour...regardless of the results.

The names that we need sourcing are at the "Director" or "VP" level.

Feel free to post here or email me at BHatcher@ExecutiveNetworkInc.com

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We provide this service and we charge $5/Hr this is an all inclusive price, we use our own resources like JOB BOARDS, INTERNAL DATABASE,INFRASTRUCTURE ect..

Moreover, my Resume Sourcers would work during SUNSET U.S. and have the RESUMES ready for your Recruiters when they report to work in the Morning and thus enabling your Recruiters to work on multiple 'Job Orders'

We can even do a NO OBLIGATION, FREE TRIAL for you if you are interested, you may want to test waters with us before we decide on something concrete.

Write to me and we can start exploring options, my e-mail address is rossm@zenithsoft.com

Ross Marian

It depends on what processes (is it staid Internet research or is it custom telephone sourcing results you expect? - There's a big difference! BIG difference!) I've written recently on this subject of rates. See here. Many VPs are pretty easy to find, listed on places like Hoovers but this depends really on the industry you're focusing on - in industries like banking (and consulting, to some extent) everybody's a VP! Director levels usually require more ferreting. Managers absolutely require phone ferreting to find and individual contributor levels -fergeddabout it! You MUST be able to use the phone to find the greater majority of these.
In general, as you go down into the organizational structure the phone is required more and more to find the people you seek and to find the people nobody's found before you.
Hi Bob - My company (HireVelocity) uses Sheila Grecko and Associates. They typically charge around $95.00/hr. We've had good results from them. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you do follow up with them you are welcome to use me as a referral source.
Jill Rosenfield

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