I am a true believer that what you put out into the universe, you get back ten fold. I also believe, that what you believe, and what you put out into the universe, becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Negative thinking brings negative things etc.

I have been in sales over 20 years and by now should be some what use to people saying "no, not at this time" or "not interested" but for some reason the "no's " lately have been harder to hear.

I'm typically an up beat optimistic soul, that when put up to a challenge is rather bullish in her believes of "I can do it"!

Lately after hearing so many of my friends being laid off or let go I have started this downward spiral of negative thinking.

I'm desperately seeking motivation. Can anyone help me get excited again. I really want to remain positive!

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Right there with you. All I can say is that things always turn around. :)
Well - first things first. Are you alive? Were you able to get out of bed without assistance this morning? One of these days we will all face things so much greater than the ups and downs of the economy. Luckily we are around to fight the battle!

OK. So now that we have that squared away -I feel bad in bringing this up - but you and I are STILL IN IT!!! The business reality here Jill is that while our friends are being forced out of the industry - it has not happened to us. So our "piece of the pie" is getting bigger and bigger every day! I know several recruiters who are right now in transition and I'm sure they'll be back to compete with me shortly. I am also aware of others who, frankly, should never have been given the chance to work in our field and it is with a big smile that I watch them leave.

While I certainly have compassion for those of us who will no longer be in the staffing arts - I am comforted by the reality that there are less people calling my clients each day.
Thanks Corrie! Lets hope so!!!!

There certainly is no shortage of bad news, regardless of where you look and what you hear. I commend you for taking the first step to recognizing that you have started to have negative feelings and also recognizing that this is not the path you want to follow.

What motviates each of us is differnet, so I don't know how helpful it would be for you to hear what motivates me. From looking at your profile, you have some people who you admire who have influenced you. I would recommend that you draw your motivation from those individuals. Draw positive inspiration from the people you know who have positively influenced your life.

Being an experienced salesperson, you know the value of internal motivation and creating opportunities. Maybe you could seek out or try to create a connection that could be of value to one of your friends who has had a position eliminated. You will have the added benefit of gaining a contact as well as potentially helping a friend.

The key of course is you. You have the ability to choose to remain positive. You have the ability to choose not to let negative thinking overwhelm you. You have the power to choose your own course. I wish you well on your journey.

Best regards,

Patrick Frost

I needed that reality check. Thank you!

I do choose to remain positive; and it's people like you that pull me up when I'm feeling down.
Thank you!
Jill, I appreciate your candor and sharing with us where you're at in this time of doubt, anxiety, and the unknown in this marketplace. I am a corporate recruiter who receives anywhere from 10-20 calls a day at times, from outside recruiters. I hate saying no because I know where everyone is at. We're just trying to get by. It's effecting us all. For me, my workload is much lower than normal, I can't outsource any of my work because I can certainly fill my positions myself but I also want to make myself as invaluable as possible, and I'm trying to stay afloat and ride this out.

I feel helpless in many ways and I've been through this before. I remember the last time was in 2001 but now, it seems like it's effecting many more people and industries, not just those startups and high tech companies during those times. Now, we have the real estate market, etc etc etc. It's really unfortunate. And frankly, like you, I have to consistently remind myself that what I put out into the universe - my thoughts, attitude, as well as my actions will bring just that.

So, like your post, sharing our times of down or demotivating days, will help us all get through it. We're not alone. Even if it's just sharing without any real "answers." So, I realize I'm not giving much motivation here, but just wanted to say that I appreciate you sharing with us, and putting this out there. I wish you and all of us the best in this economy.

Thanks again. Best regards,

It is a wonderful feeling knowing I'm not alone. Thank you!!!!!
WOW! Now that's a wake up call! Thanks Craig.
Well said Criag,
like Jill I also needed it.
I've been recruiting since 1980. This is the 4th downturn I've worked through. I have to honestly say this one bothers me the most. I've also had a recent consecutive string of offers turned down.

My advice is to recruit in an area there's a demand for people, ideally where the demand is greater than the supply. Recruit passive candidates setting up your daily plan and execute it--focus on the process of making your calls, not results as they'll take care of themselves within the numbers. Look ahead--not sideways or backwards as that distracts and disheartens making it difficult to move forward.

Most important things I've learned about recruiting are to be upbeat when you speak with people and do everything in your power to always get to the truth of situations especially with your recruited candidate prospects and the companies you're working with to fill positions. The greatest salesperson, IMO, doesn't focus on overcoming objections but in uncovering the truth being best able to recognize and seize opportunities to provide services in others' best interests instead of getting bogged down trying to persuade time wasters.

This is a trying economic time and I believe those successful will be the ones on a daily basis taking their job dedication extremely seriously.

Just my five cents.........

Bill Josephson
I have found keeping focus on what I can control, i.e., outbound calls, professionalism, understanding new business models, and listening to others, enables me to leave work at the end of the day feeling more fulfilled than worried.

Additionally, I have found placing greater focus on exercise, quality friendships, and quality fiction books to be great inexpensive releases.

Try to focus on the journey more than the destination. The $ will return in time. Hopefully you have saved and have enough to pay your bills. The "only" remaining issue is our need for feedback for our hard work. It's temporarily going to have to be satisfaction for doing your best, and candidate appreciation for really listening and trying to lift their spirits.

We will get through this.


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