In the UK it's still a rarity (don't ask me why - conservatism perhaps), but I get the impression it's more common in the US, particularly because of the geography involved. I find it an excellent tool and in some instances more revealing than face-to-face.

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I use Skpye quite often to 1st round interviews.  Often times I recruit from out of state and it just makes more sense to Skype for all parties involved.


I think people are a little more at ease so you get a better sense of who they really are...

We've been asked to use this on some of our higher-paying positions. 

Jeez, you send ONE guy in for a face to face with missing teeth...  ;-)

....and I sent in a sales manager with more tattoos on her face than David Beckham has on his back.....

It's the people who aren't comfortable with it that tend to reveal more in my experience....

Look into Google Plus and Google Hangouts as an alternative to Skype. If not already, it will quickly become one of the most popular video conferencing formats in the future.

I agree with Todd, and not just because of my current employer. But the Google Hangout tool is simple, fast, easy to do multi-point and to present and share info like work product or a job overview. In fact after conducting interviews over Hangout with a number of candidates they have let me know that they find it useful in their daily work for discussions with global co workers on the fly as well as with family while traveling. Since it is fully integrated into Google it also does not require a separate application launch.I am not a salesman, just a believer in the product because I have found it so useful.

Hi Randy. I will try Google Hangout. Thanks for the tip.

Its a good tool, but as iterated Google hangout is a tough competitor with so many good options.

Greetings Martin, I use Skype for all international international phone screens and for first interviews for prospective candidates, other than within Canada.  But, I'm careful to check the time zones (time differences) first.  All the Best!  Ray

I had a look at Google Hangout. It seems to do everything that Skype does, but it appears I have to include interviewees in my Google + network? If that's the case, I'll stick with Skype for the moment as it can exist in isolation from my other online social platforms. Am I reading it wrong? Also Skype has a very strong brand image here in the UK and it's the brand of choice for everybody, so I don't want to added complication of introducing candidates to something new.

Am I being too conservative?

I see video interviews being more adopted in the UK and Europe, where as us Americans are still clinging to landlines. I've done a few interviews via Google Hangout. It does take some time to get used to it. And you really want to make sure there's nothing embarrassing within camera view. Like....ummmm.....a girlfriend who walks around the flat in her bra and panties? Do'h !!!!!!

@Daren. I'm slightly surprised that you're hanging on to landlines. I have to say Skype is a breeze, but some candidates can give away more than they planned if they're not careful. I had one MD who left his underpants on the door handle behind his right ear, and another in suit and tie who knocked over his camera to reveal Bermuda shorts. Each handled it well and in the end made their respective shortlists. As you say, Doh!

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